Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: Body language expert analyzes their testimony in court

It’s one of the most sensational processes of the year: Amber Heard (36) and Johnny Depp (58) fight not only for justice, but above all for their image. Both raise serious allegations against each other in the courtroom in the US state of Virginia, reporting shocking details from their previous marriage. Both portray themselves as victims in a broken relationship, in which repeated alcohol and drug excesses as well as verbal and physical assaults occurred.

Similar facial expressions and outfits. Watch the video above as Amber Heard impersonates her ex Johnny Depp in court.

In emotional accounts, Heard reported Wednesday and Thursday on the witness stand of several incidents of wild verbal abuse, beatings and other violence that she suffered from Depp. In one of these incidents, which happened while her ex-husband was under the influence of drugs, she thought he would kill her, Heard testified. In tears, she also accused Depp of abusing her with a bottle in Australia in 2015.

The body language expert Thorsten Havener analyzed the sensational appearance of Heard, who was dressed very modestly on Thursday in the witness stand with a dark cardigan and a cream-colored blouse “Bild” newspaper. “What I find extremely striking is that her face speaks of pure contempt. She is very angry, when she speaks, her eyebrows go together,” he said.

Body language expert on Amber Heard’s testimony in court: “The pure contempt”

The fact that she turns up her nose is “a sign of disgust””That’s pure contempt. These emotions are clearly real!” Says Havener. Heard shook his head, pressed his lips together and apparently didn’t want to accept what he was talking about.

The expert considers Heard’s facial expression to be very authentic when she describes the physical assaults by Depp. “It’s very, very credible. There’s pure aggression on her face. She purses her mouth like an ellipse. She practically shows her teeth! She lives through this aggression again.”

Expert: “Sad mask that you have to put on again”

The body language expert has doubts about the credibility of her appearance elsewhere: “When she gets sad and all that, it doesn’t seem so authentic to me. More like the sad mask that she has to put on again. Because the eyebrows just don’t vote for it,” said Havener.

Overall, Heard seemed more insecure on the witness stand than Depp. But since both Heard and her ex-husband could do nothing better than “put themselves on display”, it was difficult to “look behind the facade,” he pointed out.

Similar looks, imitated gestures: This is how Amber Heard copies her ex Johnny Depp in court

The trial was initially adjourned on Thursday until May 16. Neither Heard nor Depp obviously left anything to chance in this dispute in court. Heard seems to want to imitate her ex not only in facial expressions, but also with similar outfits or even identical accessories. For example, the blonde wore the same Prada tie just two days after Depp. What exactly the 36-year-old wants to achieve with it is unclear, but there is no denying her copying of style and even facial expressions of Johnny Depp.

Although the former ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star’s lawsuit against his ex Amber Heard hasn’t been dismissed by the court as her team had first hoped, the actor’s image has been badly damaged – ultimately only they know where the truth lies .

“Dirty Dancing” star Jennifer Grey: She also raises serious allegations against Johnny Depp

Actress Jennifer Gray (62), who became world famous with her role as a baby in the cult film “Dirty Dancing”, also spoke up. In her biography, which she published a few days ago, she also writes about her ex-fiancé Johnny Depp, with whom she was in 1988. She also makes allegations against the actor, calling him “paranoid” and “insanely jealous” in her book.

We show you the allegations that Jennifer Gray raises against her ex in the video below.