Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial: the actor’s nurse recounts the disputes

In the second lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard for defamation, the actor’s former personal nurse testified to the disputes she witnessed, accusing the actress of being regularly at their origin.

During the fourth day of trial, Debbie Lloyd – who had been hired by Johnny Depp to help him with his opioid addiction – testified that Amber Heard used to provoke her ex-husband, and to insist even when he tried to distance himself in order to avoid escalation. While she was unable to specify how many arguments she witnessed, she recalled one time when Johnny Depp went from room to room to avoid an argument with Amber Heard, while the latter was chasing him, refusing to end their altercation.

Debbie Lloyd also mentioned this time when the actress blocked the elevator of their house in which was Johnny Depp and acquaintances – including the nurse – because Amber Heard refused to let him go. During her testimony, Debbie Lloyd referred to handwritten notes she wrote when she was caring for Johnny Depp. She also remembers a time when the actor had his fists bleeding after hitting a whiteboard in frustration after a “seizure of madness” by his then-wife.

Debbie Lloyd was also present the day Johnny Depp lost his finger. She remembers entering the house, finding an exploded television on the floor, writing on the wall (she forgot what was written, she clarified), as she reached for the finger on the floor. She doesn’t know how it happened, with some people saying it happened after Amber Heard threw a bottle of vodka in his direction, others that he did it to himself with his phone.