Johnny Depp and his lawyer as a couple? These videos captured in court that challenge

Internet users analyze in detail the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. For weeks, they have been back in court, where they both accuse each other of defamation.

A highly publicized trial

As during their first confrontation, their intimate life is dissected, especially during interrogations. In this trial, Johnny Depp is represented by multiple lawyers including a lawyer, Camille Vasquez. And Internet users are convinced that an affair binds the actor and his lawyer. Why ? Videos in court on which the two seem accomplices, the actor often throws glances in the direction of Camille Vasquez.

On social networks for days, Internet users have been posting videos which, according to them, are without appeal. We see Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez close, talking to each other with a lot of complicity. “I fully subscribe to the theory that Camille Vasquez is in a relationship with Johnny Depp during the trial, because she was trying to make sure that Amber Heard does not like her so that she cracks”, indicated a user. “Johnny Depp and Camille should get together,” swings another.

A purely friendly relationship?

But for those who would dream of such a story, their connection would only be professional according to TMZ. “Sources linked to Camille Vasquez assure that it is nothing more than social media fan fiction”. A relative of the lawyer said: all the members of Johnny Depp’s team are close. Over the weeks, they have created both a professional relationship and a friendship..


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If Camille Vasquez is a Johnny Depp fan, she wouldn’t be looking for love…because she’s already in a relationship. According to TMZ indeed, Johnny Depp’s lawyer is in a relationship with an Englishman who works in real estate. As for the actor, we do not know his current situation. His lawyer has only one objective: to help him win this new legal battle.

Hollywood star Johnny Depp

The opportunity to return to the course of Johnny Depp. He was born in 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky. He lived a complicated adolescence, marked at 15 by the divorce of his parents. He joined a rock band when he was a teenager. In 1983, Johnny Depp married make-up artist Lori Allison. Their story lasts two years, but Lori Allison introduces him to Nicolas Cage, which earns Johnny Depp a first film appearance in The claws of the night by West Crave. He therefore studied theater at the Loft Studio in Los Angeles.

He gets a small role in Platoon by Oliver Stone. But it was 21 Jump Street, from 1987, that launched his career and made him famous. In 1988, he became friends with actress Winona Ryder. In love, Johnny Depp had “Winona Forever” tattooed on his arm, but they separated in 1993. Then, in 1994, he met Kate Moss. Their passion made headlines before ending in 1997.

He played in Cry-Baby by John Waters in 1990, then Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton in 1990. In the 1990s, the actor shunned big productions and turned to writer-directors with a strong artistic identity. like Emir Kusturica, Jim Jarmusch and Terry Gilliam. In 1997, he directed The Brave. 1998 is the year of his meeting with Vanessa Paradis. From this union will be born two children, Lily Rose Melody and Jack John Christopher.

In 2000, he shared the bill with Juliette Binoche, in Chocolate. It is in the role of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean that Johnny Depp is appreciated by a very large audience. His other films include Desperado 2: Once Upon a Time in Mexico. In February 2015, Johnny Depp married Amber Heard. In May 2016, after 15 months of marriage, Amber Heard filed for divorce. In 2016, their divorce was finalized. In 2017, a judgment concerning the distribution of the property of the two ex-spouses was pronounced.