Johnny Depp broken at 5 years old: his terrible story about his mother Betty Sue at the trial against Amber Heard

It was Johnny Depp’s turn to testify in Fairfax court on Tuesday, April 19. It was a tough testimonial for the actor who spoke of a childhood shattered by his mother, Betty Sue Palmer.

It’s been almost a week now the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues. A lawsuit for defamation worth $100 million. It was the actor’s turn Pirates of the Caribbean to testify at the bar this Tuesday, April 19. He delivered a most moving testimony on his past, in particular on the trauma created by his motherBetty Sue Palmer.

Ashtrays, high heels, phone thrown at his own children’s heads, Johnny Depp spoke ofa deep fear of his mother which he shared with his sisters. He said everyone was trying to “stay out of reach in the event of a fit of anger”. In the words of the actor, Betty Sue Palmer had an ability to be so cruel everyone can be.” Moreover, his sister, Christi, made the same remarks when she spoke at the bar at the start of the trial. “She was hitting us, she was throwing things at us”, she had in particular confided. “Very young, when we were little children, nothing that happened in our house was good. And when I got older, or rather when Johnny and I got older, we decided that once we would be gone, once we had our own home, we would never repeat this kind of pattern“, concludes Christi.

Johnny Depp: “Why didn’t he leave her?”

The actor assured the court that he had no not inherited aggressiveness and violence from his mother. Besides, Johnny Depp mentioned his father, Johnny Sepp Srwhich according to him was “a shy and reserved man who never turned violence against his wife”. The actor points out that his father was not “a man who confronts himself”.

At the end of his testimony, the actor wanted to pay tribute to his father. “In my head as a 5-year-old boy, I wondered why he was doing this. Why didn’t he leave her? But he did not do it. He was able to keep calm and maintain the relationship with his children… He’s a good person“, he had expressed.


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