Johnny Depp ‘escorted’ out of hotel with coffee cup in hand (photos)

Photos of Johnny Depp being escorted out of The Grand hotel Hotel Birmingham in England holding a coffee cup went viral this week. Security has helped the actor walked out of the building on Monday to protect him from the hordes of fans who have been following him since his trial ended last week.Everywhere he goes he’s mobbed by fans“, explains a source to Page Six.

In the photos, the 58-year-old ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star holds a coffee mug seems in distress as they walk her out of the luxury hotel with a man holding her right arm and another standing right behind them.

According to Daily Mail, Depp and his entourage posed for photos with fans before heading to a restaurant.

Among those who participated in banquet found the friend and musical collaborator of the star of “Edward Scissorhands“, Jeff Beck, 77 years old. While in the UK, the actor joined the guitariston stage at several of his recent concerts.

Actor Johnny Depp won a resounding legal victory over Amber hearing before an American court, even if the jurors concluded that the ex-spouses had mutually defamed each other through the press, after a bitter trial which revealed the private lives of two Hollywood celebrities.

After some 13 hours of deliberation, the seven jurors of the court of Fairfaxclose of Washington, judged that the title and two passages from an op-ed, published in 2018 by Amber hearing in the Washington Post, contained defamatory comments about the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star and awarded him $15 million in damages.

Clearly, these five men and two women unanimously felt that Amber hearing had issued false statements by describing herself as a victim of domestic violence, and that she had acted “with malicious intent“, even if she did not name her ex-husband in this text.

The defamation lawsuit and its broadcast on television will have an impact “potentially catastrophic“for victims of domestic violence, say women’s advocacy organizations.