Johnny Depp felt betrayed when Disney kicked him out of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

The year 2020 was ending when it was announced that Warner had removed Johnny Depp from the cast of the movie ‘Fantastic Animals’ where he was going to play Grindelwald, this, after his ex-wife accused him of abuse and domestic violence.

Shortly after, Disney, which owns the rights to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, announced that he had decided that Depp would not return to life as the famous character of Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Both news caused discomfort in the followers of the actor and film productions, and through social networks they expressed their outrage asking Warner Bros. to also remove Amber Heard, Depp’s ex-wife, from the ‘Aquaman’ saga.

“In a new world, in which people seek equality and gender justice, there is no place for hypocrisy. Amber Heard is an abuser. Warner Bros., are being very unfair judges with Johnny Depp, “wrote a fan on Twitter, according to El Universal de México.

Johnny Depp spoke about his firing from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

On his fourth and last day declaring in the trial that began on April 11 in Virginia, United States, in which the actor asks his ex-partner for 50 million dollars in damages, and she asks him for 100 million dollars for allegedly having launched a smear campaign against him, Depp referred to one of Disney’s most successful productions, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, in which he was the protagonist.

The artist’s attorney, Jessica Meyers, asked him: “Mr. Depp, how did he feel when he found out that he had been removed from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise?

After keeping a few minutes of silence, Johnny began by saying: “I built the character of Captain Jack Sparrow from scratch, it was something in which I put a lot of myself. I have added much of my own [creatividad] rewriting dialogues, scenes and jokes. I didn’t quite understand how after that long and successful relationship, certainly for Disney, suddenly I was guilty until I was proven innocent.”.

Likewise, the litigant consulted him: “What is your intention regarding future films of this franchise?

My feeling was that these characters should have their own goodbye. There is a way to end a franchise like this […] I planned to continue until it was time to stop,” said the artist.

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Then, they asked him if it was true that he had said that he would not return to the franchise even for 300 million dollars, to which Depp answered yes and explained why.

I think long before he made that statement there was a very deep and clear sense of having been betrayed. by the people that I had worked with, people that I had given a character to because at first they were looked down upon. I think I made that statement during a press conference at the San Sebastian Film Festival when I was asked about my situation, ”she concluded.

This is the video in which Johnny Depp talks about his firing from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: