Johnny Depp: His lawsuit against Amber Heard reveals new macabre details!

The lawsuit between Johnny Depp and his ex Amber Heard is far from over. And the least we can say is that the former terrible lovers do not skimp on swinging sordid details on each other. But other secrets are thus unearthed, a letter in which the actor insults Vanessa Paradis also resurfaces. Amber accuses her ex of raping her: Horrible things have happened to him. He tore her nightgown, he slammed her against the bar, he threw many bottles at her, dragged her on the floor on the broken glass, hit her, said he was going to kill her, that he hated her. And he hit her and he penetrated her with a bottle of alcohol. “. It’s cold in the back…

Johnny Depp: Guilty or Innocent?

For Johnny Depp, it was rather him who was the victim of violence. He says that one day Amber cut his finger and the blood flowed out. But to protect his sweetheart, he says nothing to the authorities. The actor then returns to a story of the strangest. The actor confides that when he came home, the young woman used to take off his boots. A routine that has become established over time. He tells : “One night I come home and she’s on the phone. I take off my boots, and all of a sudden, Miss Heard approaches me with this flame in her eyes: ‘What did you just do? But what have you just done? “.

Johnny Depp: His lawsuit against Amber Heard reveals new macabre details!
© Shutterstock The actor doesn’t give up!

For her part, Amber Heard refutes each accusation. But for Johnny Depp, the debt is heavy to pay. He explains that he lost everything: When the allegations were made, when they went around the world, telling people that I was a menacing, cocaine-intoxicated drunk who beat women, suddenly, in my 50s, it was over. You are finished. Regardless of the outcome of this trial, the second these charges were brought against me, and metastasized to feed the media, I lost. I lost, and I’ll wear this for the rest of my life. “. But, how far will they go?