Johnny Depp opposed to Amber Heard: She burst into tears during her testimony!

Amber Heard’s popularity rating had dropped considerably since the opening of the trial against Johnny Depp. A petition to have her fired from the cast of Aquaman 2 has even made the rounds of social networks since 2020. This has not prevented her from going to the end in this real legal battle in which she is found mixed up. The star of Pirates of the Caribbean had as a reminder brought to justice after the accusations of domestic violence of which she had accused him a few years ago. A deplorable situation which had led to the banishment of the actor from the main role he held in Fantastic Beasts.

Johnny Depp overwhelmed by the testimonies of Amber Heard

The two actors each had their strategies to win this trial. Feeling that things were progressing too much against her, Amber Heard therefore decided to change law firms. A choice that many observers had deemed very unwise. Especially when she does it the day before she appears on the stand to testify. The pretty blonde seemed in any case still traumatized by what she would have experienced when she was still living with the actor. She even had tears in her eyes.

Amber Heard remembered in particular the first time when Johnny Depp would have raised his hand on her. She would have asked him the meaning of the tattoo he had on his arm. The actor would then have hit him after noticing that she was laughing at his explanations. He then allegedly hit her again but this time it was so hard that she lost her balance.