Johnny Depp Says He Lost “Everything” Over Amber Heard Accusations

During his trial on Wednesday, actor Johnny Depp claimed that the media coverage of the alleged violence he allegedly committed against his ex-wife brought his career to a halt.

Actor Johnny Depp said on Wednesday in an American court that the accusations of violence made by his ex-wife Amber Heard had cost him “everything”, placing him in the state of a “finished” man.

“When these allegations quickly went around the world, telling people that I was a danger, drunk, on cocaine, a man who, suddenly in my 50s, beat women, it’s over. You’re over,” estimated the star.

He says he lost “whatever the outcome of the trial”

The Hollywood star had used the previous hours of his testimony to try to convince the jurors that Amber Heard was the one who, in their couple, wore blows. On the second day of his public speech, a key moment in this legal procedure for defamation, Johnny Depp thus assured that he had lost “whatever the outcome of the trial”.

The media coverage of this alleged violence has, according to him, put a stop to his career.

“It didn’t take long for Disney to decide to pull me out of the Pirate” Caribbean franchise, he said of the five-movie series that debuted in 2003 and grossed more than $4.5 billion. dollars at the global box office.

On the stand, the actor accused Amber Heard of violence she allegedly inflicted on him during their marriage, which he described as toxic. “In her frustration and in her rage, she was hitting,” said the star of the 7th art in particular.

Amber Heard’s lawyers have described the hell that the young actress would have lived, victim of her husband Johnny Depp transformed according to them into a “monster” by drugs and alcohol.