Johnny Depp: the new and strong statements of the actor in trial against Amber Heard

The defamation trial against Amber Heard continued this Wednesday, April 20, in Virginia, United States, and for the second consecutive day, Johnny Depp took the stand to refer to the time he was married to the Aquaman actress.

This time the actor addressed the alleged psychological and physical abuse of which he was a victim and gave details of particular situations that arose during the 15 months in which they were married. even the actor dramatized how he protected himself when the actress hit him.

These were the most explosive revelations of Depp in the trial against his ex-wife, whom he sued for defamation after she published an opinion piece in 2018 in the Washington Post referring to the domestic violence of which he was a victim. Although the actress never mentioned the actor’s name, the column came to light just when she was talking about her divorce in the media.

One of the actor’s first statements was regarding the time when he was in the process of drug detoxification. The artist had already acknowledged that he had an addiction to opioids after being prescribed Roxycodone to treat a back injury.

Depp recounted that when he was detoxing from drugs, Heard refused to give her the medications that helped relieve her symptoms. of withdrawal According to him, she told him that it was not time for the next dose.

Likewise, the actor added that he even begged him on his knees and crying because he “was in need” of the medications.

amputated finger
Regarding the accident in which Johnny Depp lost the tip of one of his fingers after an argument with Amber while they were in Australia, the actor revealed that the actress threw not one, but two bottles of vodka at him and for that he cut the tip of his finger in 2015.

Heard flew to Australia to accompany him while he was filming the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but was upset because one of Depp’s lawyers had discussed a possible postnuptial agreement with her.

I was furious. she was possessed. It went up and up and it became crazy: chaos and violence, “said Depp.

Depp said he had been sober for “many months” but after arguing with Heard, he had “two or three strong shots” of vodka. Heard was annoyed to see him drink again and at that moment she threw the first bottle at him which crashed behind him. So he picked up another bottle of vodka and threw it at her.making contact with the middle finger of his right hand, which had been resting on the side of the bar.

The bottle “broke everywhere”, according to Depp, cutting off the tip of his finger.

“I was looking directly at my protruding bones and the fleshy part of the inside of the finger,” he added, showing the crooked print for the jury.

Depp said he was in shock and for that “started writing with my own blood on the walls lies she told me little reminders of my past.”

The actor acknowledged that he told a doctor in the emergency room that he had broken his finger on a “big accordion door” because he didn’t want to get Heard in trouble.

The actor dramatized how the actress hit him and even explained that at one point he had to grab her in a “bear hug” to try to stop her from hitting him further.

He claims that at that time Heard was upset and accused him of breaking her nose by headbutting her.. Depp acknowledged that there was a hit, but that it was because they collided accidentally.

After the crash, Depp assured that Heard entered the bathroom and when he left he showed him a handkerchief with a red substance and that he yelled at him that he broke his nose. After she left, she says she saw nail polish in that shade in the bathroom.

In some audios that were played at the hearing on Wednesday, April 20, it is also heard when she tells him to stop being a “damn baby”, after acknowledging that he hit him.


Johnny Depp also referred to a fact that had also come to light earlier. The actor spoke about finding human excrement in the bed he shared with Heard. According to the actor, the scene was witnessed after another fight he had with her in April 2016.

After that discussion, the artist added that he hadn’t seen Heard for about a month. At that time he knew that she was out of town and wanted to go to the mansion to collect some important items for him, but her security told him that it was not a good time and showed him a photo on the phone of the stool on the side of the bed the actor slept.

“There was human fecal matter on my side of the bed, so I understood why it was not a good time to go,” he said.

The actor added, “My initial response to that was, I mean, I laughed. It was so out there, it was so weird and so grotesque that he could only laugh.”

The trial will continue this Thursday, April 21.
and will run for approximately six weeks.