Johnny Depp: the red lights in Amber Heard’s body language, is he guilty?: VIDEO

In the midst of the controversy that has once again unleashed the legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heardan expert in body language took on the task of analyze the expressions of the actress during the hearings.

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Pam 11.11as she calls herself on her social networks and her YouTube channel, is a communicologist with postgraduate degrees in microexpressions and certifications in corporal expression that analyzed the behavior of Amber Heard during the legal fight with Depp.

The content creator focuses first on the actress’s positions during the hearings they had previously, at the beginning of the trial that Depp promoted against Heard for defamation, after she published a text in The Washington Post, where he declared himself as a symbol of domestic violence.

The statements of the interpreter of Mera in the Aquaman movie occurred in the context of the #MeToo movement, which sought to expose men who had committed some type of gender violence, which amplified the effect that they had on reputation and Johnny Depp career.

At first, the body language expert points out that in the images where Amber Heard can be seen on the stand, she is eating, which is a distractor to interrupt the flow of dialogue.

On the other hand, he points out that he has a closed posture, since his arms are close to his body; you too, his face shows apathyalthough he keeps his chin up, which, according to the expert, indicates a feeling of superiority and haughtiness.

Later, Pam 11.11 cuts to the moment when Heard listens to a question about whether she ever committed any act of violence against the actor. On this she notes that the actress looks up almost immediatelyand details that these unconscious movements of the eyes indicate that look for an escape route.

Continuing with this question, the actress does not answer, so the person who questions her asks if she understands what she is saying. At this point, what the specialist in body language qualifies as a red flag: Responding to this new questioning, Amber Heard nods his head, but says no.

This action, as Pam 11.11 explains, manifests a contradiction between what she decides to enunciate and what her body transmitsand explains that it is a red flag of disappointment.

Apparently this doesn’t go unnoticed in court, so they repeat the question to him, and he then replies that he does understand, but moves his tongue to the corner of his mouth, showing an irreverent and defiant attitudeand it is a sign of anxiety.

After answering the question, the actress shifts her gaze to her lower left side and now brings her tongue to the inside of her cheek, thus showing that she feels frustrated.

When Heard finally answers the question, instead of just giving a yes or no, she gasps that she didn’t and that she did her best not to get seriously hurt.

According to the analysis, the actress makes various faces – such as closing her eyes and opening her mouth – to buy time, in addition to the excessively long answer to a concise question I would point out that this is premeditated; on the other hand, the specialist highlights that at the end of the sentence Heard scratches her shoulder, which she defines as a movement that seeks to manipulate and distract by drawing attention to the place where it is being touched.

Later the actress show half-smiles more often when asked if she ever punched her ex-husband, as she tilts her head forward.

The smile gesture would indicate contempt or unrepentance, while the position of the head shows that he is remembering an emotion. The lopsided grin appears several more times as she speaks on the same subject, and she once again directs a haughty, challenging gaze – with her chin up – at her questioner.

However, his expression shows more and more anger, while the lawyer who asks him the questions points out that he is not answering what is being asked. In this sense, the actress frowns, purses her lips and then articulates her words, showing her teeth and leaning forward, trying to shorten the space with the other person to intimidate them.

Finally, the body language expert notes that all the expressions of the actress indicate their search for control, as well as a feeling of superioritywhile forcing interrupts before answering denotes that their answers are conscious or meditated.

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Although from the beginning Pam 11.11 points out that someone’s guilt cannot be determined simply by their bodily expressions and that these depend entirely on the context, she notes that in general their language shows narcissistic tendencies.

Since the exchange of accusations between the former couple began, several Hollywood figures have spoken out in favor of Johnny Depp, including some of his former partners, such as Winona Ryder.


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