Johnny Depp trial: this photo posted by the actor leaves his fans perplexed

After a long silence on social networks until the victory of his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard on June 1, Johnny Depp multiplies the publications. This Thursday, June 9, the actor posted on Instagram a photograph, shrouded in mystery, which questions his fans.

What do Johnny Depp and Hedy Lamarr have in common? Fans of the actor would love to know. This Thursday, June 9, the star posted an enigmatic photograph on Instagram. A snapshot of the very famous star of the 7th Artcaptioned with a single word “soon“. Suspense. According to Hello !, this post that garnered more than 2.5 million likes, could have several meanings. It could refer to the mini-series in honor of the actress, announced in 2019. The icon of Pirates of the Caribbean could also thus revealing to his community the publication of a song.

A hit performed with Jeff Beck, with whom he was seen on the evening of his victory in the defamation trial which pitted him against Amber Heard from April 11 to June 1? Impossible to say. Nevertheless, some comments under the post, including that of Greg Williams, suggest so. The British photographer writes: “I can’t wait to hear this music Johnny“. While the artist Besa left a message corroborating this hypothesis. “She is beautiful (Hedy Lamarr, Ed). The sound will be too! nice outing, I wish you the best, life owes you. Your soul is beautiful beyond descriptionyour nobility, your kindness, your artistic sense and your genius are touching and go beyond this world“, wrote the singer.

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Johnny Depp turns 59

A week after his daughter Lily-rose, who celebrated twenty-three candles on May 27, Johnny Depp turns 59 this Thursday, June 9. The hour seems to be joyful for the one who declared in a press release, the day after his victory against Amber Heard, that “thethe best is yet to come“. The actor was keen to “restore his reputation and he didas pointed out by his lawyers, Camille Vasquez on the show Good Morning America recently. Thus, it is possible that the Star of Pirates of the Caribbean waives the more than ten million dollars in damages that his ex-wife owes him. “It’s not a question of money”, said those who defended him.

Photo credits: Backgrid UK/ Bestimage