Johnny Depp used his sarcasm in the trial against Amber Heard – Diario La Página

On April 11 of the current year, the trial for the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began in the United States, specifically in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Throughout seven days, those who are interested in the legal resolution as well as fans of Johnny Depp collected some moments of the trial in which the actor used his sarcasm against J. Benjamin Rottenborn, the lawyer of his ex-partner, Amber Heard.

In various TikToks and other Twitter videos, phrases of Johnny Depp mocking “Mr. Rottenborn” have been spread, as Amber Heard’s defense constantly alleges “hearsay”, that is, “hearsay” evidence or rumors.

Given this, the actor from movies like Pirates of the Caribbean mentioned that “I was already learning” to assume that everything was “hearsay evidence.”

Johnny Depp used his sarcasm in the trial against Amber Heard – Diario La Página
Johnny Depp has mentioned that he does remember his testimonials.

A word of these compilations has even generated memes on social networks, as the lawyer Rottenborn accused Johnny Depp of having used “a giant pitcher of red wine”. The actor’s bewilderment at that moment of the trial went viral and he replied that no, that he would had served a glass of this alcoholic beverage.

The constant interruptions of Amber Heard’s lawyer to Johnny Depp have also given something to talk about, but given the insistence on issues that had already been touched on in the trial, the actor chose to use sarcasm.

In the short video that was even set to music with a “comic” sound, you can see that Johnny Depp describes the questions that the lawyer asks him as “unusual”. “Paul Bettany is a good friend who you did drugs with, right?” asked Benjamin Rottenborn.

“It’s a strange question,” said the actor.

The actor and former partner of Amber Heard has made fun of the lawyer.

On the other hand, Johnny Depp made the litigant repeat a joke that could be interpreted as a double meaning, that is, with a sexual connotation. It is a text that the actor would have sent to his ex-partner, Amber Heard.

After a play on words and a change of turns to read evidence from electronic messages, Attorney Rottenborn uttered the following twice:

“I have other uses for your throat that don’t include wounds.”

In the trial, Johnny Depp even mispronounced the Rottenborn surname and made fun of the dates, “October is two months from December,” he repeated to his interlocutor. The actor has also judged that the lawyer tries to “respect court times” but it takes him more than 5 minutes to search for certain documents.

The latest on the trial

The defamation trial facing Johnny Depp and Amber Heard counted at the beginning of its second week of oral arguments with the testimony of the actor’s doctor, who confirmed that he located the fragment of Depp’s finger between blood and broken glass.

The court in Fairfax, Virginia, where the litigation is taking place, screened a recorded statement in which the doctor, David Kipper, stated that the location of the piece of finger Depp lost in March 2015 looked like the scene after a intense fight.

The actor’s lawyers had previously claimed that he lost part of his finger after Heard threw several glass bottles at him during a violent fight at the Australian residence where the couple lived while he was filming “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

since AAmber Heard came out as a victim of domestic violence in an essay she published in The Washington Post, It hasn’t stopped making headlines. Johnny Depp was directly related to the accusations due to the references made by the actress in her testimony. Faced with this situation, the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean decided to file a lawsuit for defamation against his ex-wife.