Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: Audio recordings with “bloodbath” statement

Hollywood star Johnny Depp (58) was again on the witness stand in his defamation trial against ex-wife, US actress Amber Heard (35), in court on Monday. This time, trial participants in Fairfax, Virginia, heard, among other things, a series of audio recordings of Depp and Heard arguing during cross-examination by Heard’s attorney, Benjamin Rottenborn. It’s unclear who took each shot, but it was one of the two parties.

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Johnny Depp: “If I don’t leave, there will be a bloodbath”

As “Mail Online” reports, Depp says to Heard in one of the audio clips: “Leaving is necessary, especially for you and me. It is of the utmost importance. The next step, if I don’t leave, then there will be a bloodbath. As it was on the island, it’s not worth it. Why should we be unhappy, can’t we just show some understanding?” Heard replies in the recording: If she had the choice between a bloodbath and walking away, she would “of course” choose the latter. Depp responded: “Then why did you choose it (a bloodbath) so often?”

Rottenborn told the court that this wasn’t the first time the term “bloodbath” had appeared between the two. On March 12, 2013, Depp wrote this message to Heard: “I just thought you should know there’s a book called Disco Bloodbath, that’s all.” The title apparently referred to the novel by US TV star James St. James (55), who wrote about a murder in his circle of friends, the so-called “Club Kids”, in 1999. Heard replied, “We need the book! Is it about last Friday night by any chance?” Depp responded: “How can you make me laugh at such a terrible moment. Yes, it is […] i fucking love you […]”. The texts read in court were read by Rottenborn, Heard’s attorney, to Depp while he was on the witness stand.

In another shot, Heard tells Depp, “Put your damn cigarette out on someone else.” His answer: “Shut up, fat ass”. Asked about it in court, Depp said: “I think that was another, grossly exaggerated moment from Miss Heard. I didn’t put out a cigarette on her.”

There was also an argument about her career. After a text message exchange regarding an unspecified meeting was delivered by Heard, Rottenborn asks, “You want to control your career?” Depp replied, ‘That’s obviously untrue.’ He previously asked, ‘How do you think she got Aquaman?’ Aquaman (2018) starred Amber Heard as Mera and for her performance at a number of awards shows been nominated.

Divorce and other court dates

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met as co-stars on the set of The Rum Diary and have been dating since 2012. At the beginning of February 2015 they celebrated their wedding, at the end of May 2016 they filed for divorce. This took place in early 2017.

After the lost defamation lawsuit against the newspaper “The Sun” in Great Britain in 2021, the US trial started just over a week ago. Depp is suing his ex-wife for $50 million for an article she published in the Washington Post that spoke of domestic violence. She, in turn, is filing a $100 million counterclaim, alleging that he slandered her by calling her a liar.

It is not clear how long the new process will take. US media assume that it could take up to six weeks before a verdict is reached. Almost 120 people are said to be on the list of possible witnesses alone.

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