Johnny Depp’s nurse looked for his fingertip in the house after argument

Stranger and stranger details are coming to light in the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Day four involved the actor’s severed fingertip.

Johnny Depp (58) and Amber Heard (35) were once everything for each other. Now all that’s left of that love is sheer hate, serious allegations, and a civil lawsuit. Also on the fourth day of the trial new memorable details about the relationship of the divorced couple came to light.

Johnny Depp is said to have been injured in a fight with Amber Heard

With both actors trying to save their own skins in court, Johnny Depp literally failed after a March 2015 argument in Australia. Like his personal physician, Dr. Kipper, now testified via video, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor lost a fingertip in an allegedly physical altercation.

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“I cut off the top of my middle finger. What should I do? Besides going to a hospital, of course,” the 58-year-old said, according to “picture” Asked his doctor via SMS. Kipper then rushed to his patient and treated the heavily bleeding wound. The doctor explained that he had no knowledge of how this injury came about. About the actress Heard, whom he said on the same Day examined, he could not find any injuries.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star’s nurse testified

The father-of-two’s personal nurse, Debbie Lloyd, eventually arrived at the scene – Heard and Depp’s house, which they rented for filming in Australia. There she was offered a sight of chaos: the walls had been demolished and a television had broken. She also noticed dirt and paint on the actor’s hands.

In the midst of this confusion, she then went in search of clues: “I remember looking for my finger on the ground floor,” Lloyd said in a video recording that was played to the court. Finally, Depp’s cook then discovered the fingertip on the kitchen floor.

Like Kipper, the nurse is not sure how the accident happened. She heard “that Amber threw a vodka bottle at him, but also that he hit his finger with his cell phone.”

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