Johnny Hallyday: how did the Star Ac’ allow him to sign his biggest success?

star Academy has been a very important springboard for many artists. Among the young talents still unknown to the general public, a monument of French music has also benefited from the popularity of tele-hook. Find out how the title Married by Johnny Hallyday experienced a second wind thanks to the show.

Interpreted many classics during his career, Johnny Hallyday entered a new dimension thanks to his song “Marie”. Composed by Gérald de Palmas in 2002, the title has become Taulier’s biggest hit. In the section The Story of 50′ insidebroadcast this Saturday, May 14, the show returned to title history. Between archives and testimonials, viewers have discovered behind the scenes. In particular a superb communication coup, in partnership with star Academy. “You have to know that Star Ac’ 2 was essential in his career because that’s when he released ‘Marie'”confided Pascal Nègre, before adding: “‘Marie’ was on adult radios. We had trouble getting it on young radios.”

In order to widen the public of the Taulier, the producers of star Academy have organized a very special contest. The latter was intended to find the candidate most likely to hold a duet with the rocker, on the title “Marie”. “Every evening, for an hour, there were ten minutes with all the students of star Academy who sang ‘Oh Marie, oh Marie’ more or less well. Except that in five days of ‘Oh Marie, oh Marie’, all of France knew ‘Oh Marie’ », remembered Pascal Nègre. In the end, the operation worked wonderfully since the song was listened to by a very large audience, to the point of becoming biggest selling singles” throughout the singer’s career.

Johnny Hallyday cash with the Star Academy

However, even if he owes the success of his title “Marie” to star Academythe Taulier was not not a big fan of the show. Like Olivia Ruiz, the rocker had pointed out the extreme notoriety of the candidates, the time of the show, before falling back into oblivion and loneliness. “By making them believe in the stars, in reality, we break their dream. What does it last, a year at best? After that, it’s over. Since then, there are many who have won, but where are they? Who is left? Jenifer, Nolwenn… It’s thin”, he confided to Telerama in 2014.

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.