Johnny Hallyday unlivable: a musician “traumatized” by his strokes

By Jason Mathurin

– Published on 05 Jan 2023 at 08:00

Johnny Hallyday was known for his strong temper. A composer who collaborated with him still remembers his bloodshed…

It is therefore better not to annoy a rockstar. And that, Yvan Cassar will not contradict us! guest in Sunday in the countryside, the musician was able to talk about his meeting with Johnny Hallyday. Yvan Cassar is no stranger to showbiz. The latter was thus able to work with big names, other than that of Taulier. Like Celine Dion and Mylène Farmer. A well-known composer, he also worked with Laeticia Hallyday’s husband. A collaboration that he will not soon forget, in short. This experience, he evokes it to Frédéric Lopez on France 2. And this, without half-words. In the January 1, 2023 issue, he reveals this period which was not easy. Because, Johnny wasn’t easy going. Indeed, his strokes of blood and whims even disconcerted him.

“Every night, I tremble”: Yvan Cassar traumatized by his collaboration with the Taulier

It all happened in 1998. Same time when the Blues won their first star, dreams in their eyes. Johnny Hallyday, he filled the state of France for the first time. “The first look is complicateddeplores Yvan Cassar, after his first exchanges with the idol of young people. I was not Rock’n’Roll at heart. I can clearly see in his eyes that he’s trying to probe me, to tell me: what’s in your stomach? ». After sizing him up, the singer, singled out by Jean Reno for his drug usewould have told him brut de pomme: “come on, let’s arm wrestle”. What stress the 32-year-old musician at the time. “He wants to test me right away, maximum pressure », he feels. And things seem to have gone from bad to worse. An unpleasant experience… To the point of pushing him to the limit.

Yvan Cassar talks about his collaboration with Johnny in A Sunday in the Country

“You won’t hear from me again”: this ultimatum issued to Johnny Hallyday

“The first three weeks, he occasionally attends group rehearsals, but does not changesaid the composer, who collaborated with Johnny Hallyday. Every night, I have the notes for the day and they tell me: This sucks! It’s not going to do it, he’s not happy. I’m so traumatized that I have a fever. I am 39, every night I’m shaking”. Then, he would have given him an ultimatum: “I’ve prepared several tracks, you listen to them, if it’s not okay, my suitcase is here, my flight is at 10 p.m. tonight, you won’t hear from me again”. This, following which, the interpreter ofLight the fire will relent. Things later calmed down and the star, who demanded 600 euros in small denominations before each concertdid not fail to express his gratitude.