Jonah Hill: Bye New York! The ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ star is selling his apartment

As a guest on Howard Stern’s radio show, actor Jonah Hill (38) revealed a few years ago that, despite the very long shooting time of seven months, he was in contrast to the main actor Leonardo DiCaprio (47), who went home with a fee of ten million dollars , “only” received a fee of $60,000 for his role in “The Wolf Of Wall Street”. Does the 38-year-old regret his participation in the stock market satire in retrospect? no way! Finally, Hill owes the film its second Oscar nomination. But now it seems it’s time for the 38-year-old to leave the town where stockbrokers Jordan Belfort and Donnie Azoff roamed the streets, and at a hefty price. Hill would like the equivalent of 10 million euros for his New York apartment, which is now for sale. That’s probably more money than he raked in for his role in “The Wolf Of Wall Street”. But the luxury property also has a lot to offer!

On 3,280 square meters there are not only four bedrooms and four bathrooms, but also some absolute special features. These include soaring, barrel-vaulted brick ceilings, as well as a large, custom-made projector and screen for a cinematic effect in the living room. Adjacent to this is the kitchen with Calacatta marble worktops and a stone island. And those who aren’t convinced yet can certainly make friends with the building’s amenities, which include a 24-hour doorman-concierge, a fitness center, a children’s playroom, and a rooftop terrace.

You want to see the luxury apartment now? Then click on the gallery above!

Optical transformation at Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill is reportedly leaving the Big Apple after spending most of his time with girlfriend Sarah Brady on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. With her, the actor seems to have finally found his happiness in love and also a new look last year 2021. With the many tattoos, the blond mane and the full beard that Hill presents to us on an Instagram post, the 38-year-old looks like a real surfer boy who feels comfortable in his own skin. would you have recognized him?