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Jonathan Maicelo and Samantha Batallanos were caught kissing on public roads. This photo would confirm that they would be starting a sentimental relationship.

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“Already on the street, chapan hahaha! Maicelo and Batallanos don’t care about anything. They shout their love to the four winds.” is read in the publication of Instarándula

Jonathan Maicelo and Samantha Batallanos kiss in public.  (Photo: Instarandula).

Jonathan Maicelo and Samantha Batallanos kiss in public. (Photo: Instarandula).

Let’s remember that, in November 2022, Samantha Batallanos, former Miss Grand International, was captured by Magaly Medina’s cameras kissing with the former reality show Duilio Vallebuona and hours later with Jonathan Maicelo.

Jonathan Maicelo attacks Magaly Medina: “You are not a journalist and you criticize”

Jonathan Maicelo appeared on the Magaly Medina program to talk about the complaint made by the TV host the day before, about the fights she organizes in nightclubs, which has as a prize a bottle of rum.

The athlete defended his shows and stressed that they are not violent, despite the fact that he makes the attendees fight with boxing gloves and made it clear that Magaly is not soaked in the subject.

“Magaly shoemaker to her shoes, you are not a journalist and critics, you do not know anything”, expressed Jonathan Maicelo.

Then he continued with: “You don’t know anything, you are nothing in this sport. You don’t even play run run and for that same reason you can’t comment on something you don’t know”.

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Faced with the athlete’s defense, the driver did not remain silent and stressed that making people fight in a disco for free alcoholic beverages is violent and could end in a “misfortune.”

“Those people are going to have fun and what you are doing is promoting violence and getting punched”, Medina pointed out emphatically.