Jonathan Roy opens up about his relationship with his father, Patrick Roy

Not easy, making a name for yourself in the public sphere when our father is called Patrick Roy and we also played hockey, like him.

Jonathan Roy, who launched his excellent sixth album last week, Life Distortions (relive the launch here), does not go into detail when asked how his relationship with his illustrious father is today.

My relationship with my father? She is good. Could she be better? Absolutely! “, launched the singer of 33 years in response to the question of in an interview, a few hours before his show at MTELUS, last Friday.

Continuing with a chuckle, he added, confusing French and English as in all his remarks:

I think that’s what life is. Often, our relationships with our parents have limits, precisely because they are our parents, beings who have had authority in our lives. My father and I, our relationship has improved a lot since I was 22 years old. Me, with my brother, my sister, my father, my mother, I Love The Relationship We Have. It’s Beautiful! It’s Not Perfect, But I’m Very Happy! »

Of his brother Frédérick and his sister Jana, herself a mother of two children, Jonathan Roy says he is ” very close “.

We see each other a lot less, because obviously, we all try to fit in with life, but as we get older, we’ll find a way to spend more time together! »

Hockey having obviously occupied a big place at home in his childhood, and he himself having practiced this sport from the age of 2 or 3 years old until 19 years old – we remember that he had entered the Junior League major and was part of the Quebec Remparts before reorienting himself in music – is Jonathan still interested in handling stick and puck?

Not really, no. Even watch it… Maybe the “playoffs”, once in a while. Maybe I’ll get over it one day and when I’m in my fifties, I’ll play in the little garage leagues. Who Knows! evokes the artist, who resolutely likes to play outside.

Hiking [randonnée], camping, making music, diving [plongée]… I Want Experience Life, and Have Fun! Hockey, I lived it and I moved on. We are going forward! “, concluded a very serene Jonathan.

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