Jonathan Roy returns to his remarks on free love and ayahuasca held at Tout le monde en parle

Actors Anne Dorval and Steve Gagnon sometimes seemed perplexed by her side when Jonathan Roy was discoursing, Everybody talks about it, on January 15, on his belief in free love and his relationship to ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic plant. This, he says, opened him to new dimensions of his spirituality. (Associated viewers of District 31 will recall that this product was mentioned in a fall 2019 storyline).

It is however without complex and in all frankness and authenticity that the 33-year-old singer approaches these subjects, and he was just as transparent when word of it slipped to him, during an interview, on the eve of the release of his very effective new album, Life Distortions (which we talk about in more detail here).

When we discuss with him the theme of his sexuality (which had been discussed during his visit to true naturelast year, and podcast oral sexwhere he publicly revealed that he had taken part in orgies), Jonathan Roy is surprised to find that it is still taboo.

When I go to a sex show like “Oral Sex”, I talk about sex. And, afterwards, we are talking about it at “Everyone talks about it” or at “(La Semaine des) 4 Julie”. So yes, it’s a bit special… “, began by detailing Jonathan.

Especially since these are shows that are not based on that, and not everyone wants to hear about these things. At the same time, I find that it may be good, to remove the taboo and for people to feel comfortable talking about sex, for the conversation to be much healthier towards us. “, he continued.

Jonathan Roy, therefore, does not hide it: he advocates free love… as long as it is beneficial and consenting! Like Caroline Néron, who launched a range of sex toys, the singer-songwriter believes that sexuality can help you get better. But he does not impose his values ​​on anyone. The essence of his message? Do what makes you happy.

I think it’s important to love each other, to respect each other. Sex is part of our society and it’s a beautiful thing, which feels good. It’s even linked to mental health.”

Afterwards, when I talk about open relationships, it’s because I find that people are lying to each other. Often they stay together because, financially, a divorce would be too complicated. Sometimes, just to open a couple, and people end up kind of like “When You Were Alone”, I think that’s extremely important. I don’t necessarily believe that we are meant to be with one person sexually all our lives. Sex and love are two completely different things! »

But everyone has different values. Me, I just express what I feel. Whatever Works For You! I’m just trying to provide an alternative for people who are unhappy in their relationship. Same thing when I talk about ayahuasca. I’m not telling everyone to go do this; I am sharing my experience with you, to open your eyes to other options to help. Options that may not be as conventional, but at some point can we go outside a bit and see other alternatives? It just feels good! “, argued the man of 33, who is in a happy relationship with the one he calls his wife.

What Is Marriage? “, he jokes when asked if he really married his sweetheart. ” We are married in a way. We haven’t had the chance to do the actual ceremony yet, but… You Know! She’s My Wife, She’s My Everything! I decided to make my life with this person! »

The couple live on a farmhouse in the Laurentians and treat like their ” little babies » his ten animals. Does he plan to have children eventually?

We are quite “smooth”, we let things happen. We are full-time in our careers right now. We are slowly settling down to, yes, one day, have a big family. The day when we are going to have children, we will become second, because we want to be really present for them. I want to do this full time. »

As far as ayahuasca is concerned, Jonathan Roy says little about it, except to briefly say that a consumption ceremony is at the origin of his project. Life Distortions.

I won’t really go into it in detail because it’s personal to me, but it helped me a lot. I am someone who likes experiments, who likes to learn about himself and to evolve. It was an experience I needed to have. It’s obviously not for everyone, and there are other ways to understand things about yourself, but I took this way.. »