Jonnie Irwin: ‘Broke My Heart’ – Terminally Ill TV Host Blames Bosses

TV presenter Jonnie Irwin, who is suffering from cancer, is deeply disappointed in his ex-bosses. They would have simply dropped him after the announcement of his illness.

Moderator Jonnie Irwin (48) is no stranger to British television. For many years he presented the popular TV format “A Place In The Sun”. In 2020, while filming in Italy, he complained of dizziness and sensory disturbances. Then came the shocking news that he had terminal lung cancer. The cancer had even spread to his brain by then. A devastating diagnosis for the father of three small children.

Terminally ill TV host Jonnie Irwin feels abandoned by his ex-bosses

Now the terminally ill presenter, who says he has about six months to live, announced in an interview that he had not received any support from the creators of his TV show at the time. On the contrary: When he told them about the diagnosis, they would have simply dropped him and not renewed his contract. “It broke my heart,” Jonnie Irwin told The Sun, who recently went public with his sad fate.

Jonnie Irwin won’t get a contract extension

Speaking to the British newspaper, the 48-year-old berated the cold-heartedness of his former bosses, saying: “As soon as I told ‘A Place In The Sun’ about my diagnosis, I was paid for the rest of the season but my contract wasn’t renewed. You knew I wanted to move on. It hurts.” He feels incredibly let down: “I can’t even watch the show anymore.”

BBC presenter: His biggest concern is his wife and three young children

Despite his cancer diagnosis and subsequent grueling therapy, Jonnie Irwin has continued to work, including on TV’s Escape To The Country and other commercial projects. Because the family man is very worried that his wife Jess and his children Rex (3), Cormac and Rafa (both 2) will soon have to live without him and his earnings: “I have to build a roof over our heads.”

Jonnie Irwin: “A lot of people write you off”

He knows he doesn’t have long to live. Still, he has some time ahead of him, which a lot of people would forget: “As soon as people find out you have cancer, they write you off. Yes, I have stage four and it’s final – but not over yet, so let me live my life while I can,” said Jonnie Irwin.

Unbearable thought: Jonnie Irwin’s children are too small for shared memories

The thought of having to leave his family soon is unbearable for him – especially because his children are still so small: “Every time something really nice happens to them, this thing knocks on my door and says: ‘Don’t be too happy ‘Cause you won’t be around much longer'” he reports sadly. “Then I guess they won’t remember me.” They are just too young for that. “And if I die this year, there’s no chance they’ll have memories.”

For him it is comforting to know that he was there at least in the early years. After his death, someone else could take over: “I did the first difficult meters with them and someone else will get the easy part.”