Jörg Pilawa surprises with honest words: “Find that shameful”

Jörg Pilawa surprises with honest words: “I find that shameful”

ProSieben: The station’s best-known moderators

ProSieben: The station’s best-known moderators

Since it started broadcasting in 1989, ProSieben has been an integral part of the German TV landscape. We introduce some of the channel’s most well-known presenters.

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Jörg Pilawa should probably be known to many in Germany for his quiz shows. However, very few people know that the moderator is pursuing a completely different topic in his private life that has nothing to do with the glittering world of TV.

In the ProSieben show “Zervakis & Opdenhövel. Live.” makes Jörg Pilawa drew attention to an important topic on Wednesday evening at 9:25 p.m.

Jörg Pilawa guest at “Zervakis & Opdenhövel. Live.”: TV presenter makes honest announcement

The food situation in Germany looks bleak for many citizens. The corona pandemic and the Ukraine war have led to the price increase. For many, the costs are now difficult to bear.


Three facts about Jörg Pilawa:

  • Jörg Pilawa Pilawa 1994 at ProSieben with the moderation of the show “2 against 2”
  • He regularly moderates the “quiz duel” on ARD
  • In mid-May 2022, the amicable separation from his wife Irina Pilawa became public


As ProSieben announced in the program preview for the live broadcast, the demand for the food bank then increased extremely. Jörg Pilawa has been an active supporter of the aid organization for many years. He says: “I never would have thought that there would be people in Germany who were starving. I find that shameful!”

Jörg Pilawa shows public commitment to the table at “Zervakis & Opdenhövel. Live.”

In an interview with Linda Zervakis and Matthias Opdenhövel, he now speaks publicly about the organization and the difficult situation she is currently in.

Because food and cash donations are also becoming scarcer. The food bank is the last resort for many citizens to get affordable food on a regular basis. “While the Tafel is currently giving out almost twice as much food to the needy as usual, the willingness to donate has generally declined. People notice: ‘I need my money,'” Pilawa said in advance.


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ProSieben will show the entire report after “TV total” and online in the live stream.

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