Jorge Rausch rudely criticized the dish of ‘Tostao’ and Meneses

The two contestants experienced a difficult moment during the salvation challenge this Friday, March 18, on the ‘reality’ ‘Masterchef’, on the RCN channel. The chefs had to face each other in pairs, where the “Corn Flakes” would be the protagonists. However, the preparation of ‘Tostao’ and Ramiro Meneses was obviously the worst.

At the beginning, the couples were formed by a dynamic that consisted of eating some crispy skewers, which were on the table in front of them, and that right at the tip of their toothpick had a set color, that is, those who agreed on the color had to Cook together.

Although several couples had a great time, receiving only praise from the jurors, while others only heard negative comments. However, the duo that received the most criticism was the one made up of the singer and the actor.

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Jorge Rausch launched a rudeness in ‘Mastercherf’

Everything happened when both participants went to the front to be evaluated because, although they believed they had a good dish, the impressions of the judges were totally different.

“What is that pod, count to see”Rausch began by asking them.

“This is called Iván Buenaventura. Iván for Ramiro and Buenaventura’s father because he had a good time”, explained ‘Tostao’.

Meneses intervened immediately and clarified: “We have asparagus, we don’t have puree.” Nevertheless, Jorge Rausch interrupted him and with an ironic comment He said: “(Laughs) No, it’s not a purée, it shows… it’s repellent to the spoon”.

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At that moment the participants realized that things were not going well and prepared for the worst.

“We have a pool of fat here,” criticized the chef. After several seconds looking at the plate, he tried it, although by his gestures he made it clear that he did not like it at all.

“I have anguish,” said Claudia Bahamón.

After a moment of tension, Rausch asked them “how did they do it”, but without allowing them to answer, he again launched a strong criticism.

“This is the worst thing I have ever eaten in my life. This is a little fish, isn’t it? Never make a panado and pour oil on it, it doesn’t work… because it gets stuck. If what happened to Jair was serious, this is worse.”

Everything was not there, because when they thought that their comment was over, the jury surprised them with a rudeness.

“The purée, which is not purée, is a very hijue pod…”, he said.

This left more than one participant open-mouthed, who did not hesitate to show their concern about the evaluation received by their peers.

“Is he a son… of the bad or the good?” ‘Tostao’ asked Meneses.

Chef Nicolás de Zubiria responded to this with a gracious tone: “The versatility of the little word (laughs)”. Despite the criticism, ‘Tostao’ took it with humor and said that “we can call that a small slip”.

The preparation was so bad that De Zubiria himself sentenced them from the start. “What I like least about the plate is that once it’s time to tell them to get ready for the rest of the elimination”.

Finally, it was the turn of Christopher Carpentier, who before giving his impression on the plate was interrupted by Bahamón asking him for advice for the participants.

“Children, at home, do not try that recipe”, pronounced. However, he was a little more friendly and he confirmed that anyone has a stumble.

“They humiliated us,” Meneses mentioned with obvious gestures of disappointment.