Jorge Rausch scared ‘Tatán’ Mejía with a ‘fight’ with a partner

The new test of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ had canned tuna as its main ingredient. The participants looked for a way to surprise the jury with their preparations in order to avoid the black apron, but a surprise before the challenge changed most of the plans.

‘Tatán’ Mejía, as winner of the mystery box test, He had the advantage of distributing the times that each of his companions would have to cook and market. The times were distributed as follows: those with 20 minutes in the kitchen will have 1 minute in the pantry, those with 30 will be able to shop in 2 minutes and those with 40 will have 3 minutes.

Once they started presenting the dishes, Isabella Santiago was one of those who received the most criticism from Nicolás de Zubiría, Christopher Carpentier and Jorge Rausch. His preparation of the ‘Sagaz Paprika’ did not convince the jury and collided with Rausch.

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It all started with the criticism that Isabella Santiago received from Carpentier, as he made it clear to her that, due to the short time she had, her preparation was not rich. In fact, Carpentier asked him in a burlesque tone his opinion about the amount of garlic he put on the plate, but the participant took it quite seriously.

Rausch then went on to evaluate the dish, saying, “You knew the cheese wasn’t supposed to go.” Nevertheless, Santiago’s response was not what he expected: “How would I know?” The tension took over the venue and even De Zubiría made signs to him to calm down.

Jorge Rausch told her that it was not her fault, but that everything was the responsibility of “Tatán” for giving her little time for her test.

“No, don’t start fighting with this woman, please, I beg of you. With everyone except her ”, said ‘Tatán’ in the room where he was observing her companions.

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“At no time do I think it’s Tatán’s fault,” said Isabella Santiago, but was interrupted by Raush: “I didn’t tell you what you think, I told you what I think.”

‘Tatán’ Mejía became nervous and reiterated that he did not want to be involved in a conflict with his opponent. “Uy yes, Isabella has to be taken in the good way and with tweezers because she is complicated”.

Finally, the participants who were wearing black aprons were: Isabella, Aída Morales, Aída Bossa, Cristina Campuzano, Natalia Ramírez, Carlos Báez, Aco Pérez and Estiwar G.