Jorge Rausch’s praise for the team behind the camera of ‘MasterChef’ – New Woman

Jorge Rausch has always been described as a faithful defender of everything that encompasses the production and direction of Master Chef Celebritythe fashion reality show in Colombia and broadcast by RCN.

Recently, through his Instagram account, the chef and jury of the competition decided to publish a message in which he praised the entire team that works to make the program successful. The famous wanted to exalt the tasks that are not seen on television, since they are behind the cameras.

Jorge Raush is full of praise for the technical team of MasterChef

It is not the first time that the character defends the objectives he pursues MasterChef as a culinary and entertainment space. On one occasion, she stated that the competition is free of favoritism and that each dish is evaluated by its preparation and not by who made it.

Now he did something similar but dedicated to the team that makes sure everything runs smoothly during every episode. “There is a lot of work behind the scenes for this program to be as successful as it is,” said Jorge Rasuch.

He also highlighted the work of those who are in charge of the costumes and makeup, stating that: “They keep us pretty and well dressed. I love you so much”.

In his publication, which already has more than 3,400 ‘likes’, the chef invited users to give their opinion on the different ‘outfits’ with which he has appeared in Master Chef Celebrity.

Of course, the comments were immediate and the reality is that they were divided in their expressions regarding everything Rausch raised. These were some of the messages:

“Everything looks good on you”, “for God’s sake, how sexy are you”, is a cooking show, but the participants have enamel and they shouldn’t because they handle food”, “this bald guy is nice”, “the most handsome chef from Colombia”, “this season has been fairer, the previous one obviously had preferences” and “everyone looks great, except Isabella, she doesn’t”.

Jorge Rauch

Jorge Rausch is seen when he had hair and they call him Pedro el Escamoso

A few weeks ago, the culinary master was not what to talk about because of his seasoning, but because of something completely different: his appearance as a teenager. Already in 2021 he had shown his physical changes after changing his lifestyle.

“Keep asking while I’m lying down,” was what he asked his followers in a story uploaded to his Instagram profile.

Among the innumerable number of questions that came to his profile, Rausch decided to comply with the request of one of his followers who asked him about his teenage years: “Adolescent photo”, was the specific question that his follower asked him.

Immediately, Jorge Rausch obeyed and searched through his photo gallery on his cell phone for a particular portrait of those times, choosing a photograph where he can be seen with lush and fluffy curly hair. Smiling was his facial expression and he was also wearing a formal suit with a tie. The image is sepia toned and the chef did not comment on it. Not beyond just showing her to the whole world in his stories.