Jorge Salinas faces rumors of infidelity with his nutritionist

A few days after some scandalous red-handed photographs were published, apparently kissing another young woman, who turned out to be her nutritionist, the Mexican actor Jorge Salinas faces rumors of infidelity against his wife, the also actress Elizabeth Álvarez, with whom he has two children, León and Máxima.

The actor is 54 years old, Jorge Salinaswho is currently recording the telenovela Forgive Our Sinswas captured outside Televisa receiving a package from his nutritionistDr. Anna Paula Gutiérrez who, according to some photographs published by the magazine Tv Notas, said goodbye with a kiss on the mouth of the television heartthrob.

As expected, this caused a stir on social networks and the general public, since he has been married to the actress for more than 10 years. elizabeth alvarezforming one of the marriages most solid and beloved of show business.

Keep reading: Jorge Salinas’ nutritionist breaks the silence and talks about the alleged romance with the actor

Jorge Salinas breaks the silence

Although the actor’s nutritionist My heart is yours Y Passion and Power He has dedicated himself to giving interviews to different media, such as Despierta América, the actor had disappeared from the public eye and both he and his wife had avoided posting anything on their social networks, today he came out to show his face in front of the cameras and microphones of the different media, to talk about the supposed infidelity that he is accused.

Jorge Salinas faces rumors of infidelity with his nutritionist. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

In a forceful way, Jorge Salinas denied being unfaithful to his wife, and also, he declared himself deeply in love and happy with Elizabeth, as well as with his family, so he would be incapable of harming them in this way.

“The statement that I am going to give is unique and unrepeatable. I am a person who deeply loves his wife Elizabeth, deeply loves his family and that I am sorry that all this media issue is on the lips of all of you, but I can also understand it because that is what you do… ”, he stated.

Jorge Salinas faces rumors of infidelity with his nutritionist. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

“I want to make it very clear, I have not had and do not have a relationship outside of my marriage. I don’t have it and never have. I ask you to please stop this media issue that is not going to amount to anything. What I have is love for my family, respect for my wife and love for Elizabeth. I reiterate again, I do not have any extramarital relationship nor have I ever had one. Thank you very much… ”, she emphasized.

The actor broke the silence during the presentation of his new telenovela, which he stars in alongside Erika Buenfil Y Emmanuel Palomareswhere the media immediately approached him to question him about it.

“The relationship I had with the doctor has been solely and exclusively professional for a year and a half. I am responsible for my actions and my consequences as well, so as such I must be calm, calm and wise. That’s why I waited for this press conference because I knew what was going to happen. That video, those photos, they were from before Christmas and they came out now, precisely, because there is this issue of the presentation of the novel… ”, she explained.

“I continue to live in my house, I continue to live with my family. That is all I have to tell you… ”, she pointed out.

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