Jorge Salinas’ former nutritionist, Anna Paula Guerrero, defends herself against the accusations against her | Famous

The nutritionist Anna Paula Guerrero shared a forceful message on her Instagram account to, once again, deny that she had an extramarital relationship with Jorge Salinas.

On January 25, the 54-year-old actor stated that the bond he had for a year and a half with Guerrero was “solely and exclusively professional.”

“I want it to be very clear: I have not had, nor do I have a relationship outside of my marriage,” he told the media such as Despierta América.

“I did get a kiss and I did feel a little freaked out. […] It made me laugh a lot, it was like: ‘What just happened?’ Of course not [me lo esperaba]”, he told Luis Magaña about the images in which he is seen with the actor.

Jorge Salinas’ former nutritionist talks about the controversy

Although Jorge Salinas asked to stop talking about this issue, Anna Paula Guerrero published on the aforementioned social network, on January 29, a text with which she transmitted “undisclosed information.”

“I gave about 15 interviews, today it makes me laugh and it’s a pity that the morbidity of a photograph taken out of context has mattered more to the media than other things that I could have commented on,” he wrote at the beginning.

Guerrero, 28, announced that she is currently single, as well as the reasons why she would not start an affair with a family man, such as Salinas.

“At this point in my life I am not interested in a relationship. If I don’t have patience with young people, what would I do with an elderly man, commitments and offspring? ”, She sentenced.

He also reiterated that that day he met Jorge, outside the Televisa San Ángel facilities, in Mexico City, and they were photographed, it was only as his nutritionist.

“I was only going to deliver the medicine, as I have delivered it to hundreds of people in my spare time, thus guaranteeing their safety and that the cold network would not be broken,” he explained.

“For the person who gave the information [a TVNotas]: In what head does so much fit? That’s why I don’t watch soap operas, ”she added.

Finally, Guerrero denied having “made up” the news of his alleged affair with Salinas: “For what? I didn’t buy the magazine. It is my intention to publish in international scientific journals”.

Is Jorge Salinas’ former nutritionist unemployed?

The nutritionist Anna Paula Guerrero assured in a conversation with the presenters of ‘De primera mano’, five days ago, that she was “overworked” with work. However, TVyNovelas reports that she is allegedly “looking for a job in nutrition and fitness clinics.”

In her recent Instagram post, Anna shared the phone number where she can be reached. “Seeing my patients better every day in their physical health is my interest, without rancor,” she said.