Jorge Salinas received a reproach from his daughter that made him cry | Famous

Recently, Jorge Salinas acknowledged that he has taken therapy to control his anger and explosiveness, but now he shared that an incident he had with his youngest daughter, Máxima, was one of the triggers for making the decision to go to the specialists.

The 53-year-old Mexican actor narrated the moment he lived with the little twin that made him cry and reflect on his behavior.

“I did it with Máxima when she was 3 years old, I said something in a high tone,” he recalled in the interview with the press. “Then she tells me crying: ‘Dad, please, you say that women are not beaten’, and I replied: ‘Yes, my love, but what does it have to do with this?'” The histrion replied.

Jorge never imagined the answer that the girl would give him: “He told me: ‘You’re hitting me with your voice’. And it broke my heart, I had to go I started to cry“. The actor apologized to his daughter and added that sometimes people commit these “types of actions” without meaning to.

Jorge Salinas is in favor of therapies

After the incident he experienced with his daughter, Salinas reflected on the importance of mental health so as not to hurt his loved ones.

“This thing my daughter did taught me that we should all take therapyespecially men. Your anger, your frustrations take them outbut not with your loved ones or strangers,” he told the press.

Jorge Salinas is committed to the education of his children

Currently the actor is in charge of the twins he had with his wife Elizabeth Álvarez, because the actress is recording the telenovela ‘La Herencia’, for which she takes advantage of every minute to be with them.

“Being a loving father changes my life, accepting myself as an example for my children, I don’t want them to do things that are seen in the news,” he told ‘First Hand’ on April 28.