José Eduardo Derbez explained why he does not want Aitana to be an actress: Vadhir Derbez did not coincide with his brother | Famous

Acting has been crowned the great passion of the Derbez family since the time of Silvia Derbez Amézquita, an actress from the Mexican Cine de Oro and Eugenio’s mother.

Likewise, her eldest children, Aislinn, Vadhir and José Eduardo have shown their love for acting, a taste that at least one of the Derbez hopes that Aitana does not have.

Vadhir and José Eduardo Derbez talked about Aitana’s future

Recently, Vadhir and José Eduardo Derbez shared a time of laughter and confessions with DJ Chilz and Karla Díaz in ‘Pinky Promise’.

In this program, the brothers ventured to talk about the future of the youngest of the Derbez family: Aitana.

José Eduardo was the one who made the most impact with his response, since he expressed his desire for Aitana to break the mold and follow us in the same footsteps as her father and brothers.

“I hope Aitana is not in this environment. And someone who is a lawyer, doctor”.

José Eduardo explained why he hopes that Aitana is not an actress

José Eduardo expressed that if Aitana was also passionate about acting, her path would not be entirely easy and took as an example what Vadhir said minutes before about how difficult it is to carry the Derbez surname in the artistic medium.

According to Vadhir, “people depreciate their work and effort”, because they believe that what they have achieved is because they are children of Eugenio and not because of their dedication, perseverance and talent.

In this sense, José Eduardo believes that the pressure and criticism that Aitana will suffer will be quite strong, not only because of her father, as happens to them, but also because her three older brothers, Aislinn, Vadhir and him, are actors.

“Something more normal is convenient for him, something that he does leave”

However, Vadhir believes that his sister has a very artistic side that will surely influence her profession.

Vadhir believes that Aitana will most likely also be an artist

The singer and actor admitted that he considers that his little sister is going to make her debut in the artistic world, most likely in the music scene, as Alessandra Rosaldo, Aitana’s mother and member of the duo ‘Sentidos Oposos’.

In addition, Vadhir is constantly amazed by Aitana’s musical talent, since he has sung with her in his YouTube videos.

“I have seen a very artistic side, very cannon, and more because the mother [Alessandra] sings and gets into music stuff. I feel that she can become passionate about that”.

The actor also explained that growing up with so much contact with the artistic medium can also be a factor that makes Aitana fall in love with this world. However, he revealed that the same and can make her hate him.

“There are two, you can get fed up and say ‘What a roe [flojera] this. A lot of circus’, or vice versa”

Aitana is only 7 years old, so she still has plenty of time to decide what she wants to do with her life.