José Eduardo Derbez failed in his “very expensive” change of look and his colleagues mocked him

The presenter of “Members on the air” was not only questioned but also received acid and burlesque comments for his new image.

The most expensive is not always synonymous with something good. That is something that José Eduardo Derbez learned “the hard way”, when he decided to try a new look that was a resounding failure.

The presenter of “Members on the air” said goodbye to his characteristic black hair at the suggestion of his girlfriend, without imagining that the result would be disastrous.

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Especially when apparently, for reasons of time, he couldn’t fix it and had to show up to the show that way. Something that made him the target of acid and burlesque comments from his colleagues.

“Your aunt had leftover dye”, questioned Paul Stanley; to which Victoria Ruffo’s son was immediately encouraged to tell the story of how it all started.

Illustrative and non-commercial image /
Illustrative and non-commercial image /

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“My girlfriend tells me: ‘Hey, and if you wear…’, she takes a photo of a guy, of a model, but that guy did look very cool, the net, and the dye looked very good on him . So my old lady shows it to me and I tell her: ‘Hey, no mam * s, it looks ching * n’, and she tells me: ‘Why don’t you do it to yourself?’”, Derbez confessed.

Despite his excuse, Raúl Araiza asked José Eduardo how much his change of look cost him, to which he replied by showing his open hands. “10 thousand pesos?” Paul Stanley asked, and Derbez responded by nodding his head and laughing at his teammates’ reactions.