José Eduardo Derbez had to put on “fat and fodongo” for his first leading role in the series Mi Tío

Mexico.- From this Friday, March 25, it can already be seen through Amazon Prime Video the Serie “My uncle”, in which Jose Eduardo Derbez He takes the leading role for the first time, for which he had to undergo some physical transformations.

The son of Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo plays Andy, Tadeo’s uncle, with whom at first he doesn’t get along, but who inadvertently saves him, because he was about to take his own life when his nephew ‘crosses’ into his world.

‘My Uncle’ is a black humor series that is already available via streaming. Photo: Instagram

For this role, José Eduardo Derbez had to gain weight, let his beard and hair grow, to play a frustrated and depressed musician who, after breaking up with his girlfriend, finds no meaning in life.

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“Obviously the transformation was complicated, it was a strong fodonguez, it was gaining weight, it was a giant beard and completely shapeless hair, yes it was my real beard, drinking water, eating, it was very complicated, the hair no matter how much I wore caps He came out everywhere. You never get out of Andy’s character with that physique, so it was a strong transformation,” the actor told El Universal.

José Eduardo Derbez plays a frustrated and depressed musician, who in his fantasies is a prominent artist. Photo: Instagram

Although the beginning of the series shows a strong scene, in which his character, Andy, writes a farewell letter with the intention of taking his own life, it is not a dramatic series, but rather black humor, and it is his sister Sam, played by Ariadne Díaz, who interrupts him in his objective to ask him for the favor of taking care of his nephew, Tadeo (Santiago Beltrán).

Eduardo Yáñez plays the role of a trans woman, and her daughter is the one who breaks Andy’s (José Eduardo Derbez) heart. Photo: Instagram

Eduardo Yáñez plays a trans woman

Gema Garoa, Michelle González, María López, Luis Arrieta, Alfonso Borbolla and Eduardo Yáñez also star in the series, who plays the father of Andy’s ex-girlfriend, but who is now a trans woman.

For this role Eduardo Yáñez faced a great challenge, because as he revealed in an interview for El Universal, he did not accept the character in the first instance, but later changed his mind.

“It’s a character I’ve never done; Alejandra, my manager, told me about this offer and first I said no out of cowardice and, later, analyzing it, I accepted: ‘It’s a great challenge'”.

In addition, the protagonist of soap operas such as “Destilando amor” shared that he was inspired by his own mother.

“It was not about imitating one of them or joking. It was about becoming a woman and I decided to become my mother, she was my role model,” she told the same medium.

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