José Eduardo Derbez revealed that Eugenio Derbez went to therapy to better understand his children and told why he had more disagreements with his father | Famous

This was an important factor regarding the disagreements that José Eduardo experienced with Eugenio during his adolescence, which even caused the ‘Coda’ actor to seek professional help.

Eugenio Derbez had more disagreements with José Eduardo than with the rest of his children

In an interview with Inés Moreno for his program ‘The show must continue’, José Eduardo Derbez was honest about the relationship he has with his father and the friction they experienced when he was younger.

The actor of ‘Frozen Rent’ admitted that he does not consider himself the most “rebellious” of his brothers, but he does believe that he was the one who marked his line with his father the most.

“My brothers were always very attached to my father and to what he said. If my dad said: ‘This is done’, they said ‘Yes’. They never had a voice… They never said no, and I was the only one who said, ‘No, why? I mean, no.’”

José Eduardo explained that his brothers’ obedience was probably due to the fact that they, unlike him, depended more on their father financially and spent more time with him.

“My mom always gave me that power of ‘you, your way and no one is going to tell you what to do’… On my mom’s part it was like ‘you have yours here, we have everything here, you don’t worry’”.

This caused that when there were disagreements between José Eduardo and Eugenio, the actor’s son had the option to question him more and even ignore him.

“If my brothers and I were with my dad, and my dad said ‘This is going to be done’, I was free to say ‘No, and if not, I’ll go back to my mom’”.

Eugenio Derbez had to go to therapy to deal with his relationship with his children

The freedom that José Eduardo had to further question his father’s decisions or orders had a strong impact on Eugenio.

“It got very bad if he didn’t have control and it was complicated.”

However, Eugenio did not sit idly by in the face of these frictions with José, but sought help to better understand José Eduardo, as well as the rest of his children.

“He has told me that he has taken therapy to better understand his children and to fix these rolls of his manias, but he has improved a lot, he is no longer so controlling.”

Eugenio’s youngest son warned that despite his father’s efforts, he still does not understand 100% that he is not always in control or right.

Fortunately, the misunderstandings they now have as adults are even seen as something “funny”.

In this sense, the actor of ‘Qué Pobres Tan Ricos’ narrated that on New Year’s his father did not want him to drink alcohol so early or to ask the lady who helps them at home to prepare his “ice cubes”. However, José Eduardo did not take his opinion into account and drank his Coca Cola with rum with pleasure.

Although there are still some moments in which Eugenio still wants to have control of his children’s decisions, José Eduardo reiterated that his father already understands him better.

“Over time, all that stuff has diminished, as he has been understanding that all his children are different, that I am very different from both him and all his children.”