José Gutiérrez: the DJ who turned information around

As a teenager, José Gutiérrez began working as a DJ at a local radio station, where he discovered his vocation for the art of communication, although he did not grasp it right away. That love for speech was cultivated more and more as he participated in the different programs.

In his youth he obtained his law degree, in 1990, but it was at that moment that he understood that his true “passion” was not law, but communication. He knew that “that is what he wanted to live on”.

Afterwards, everything is history until he became one of the figures with the greatest connotation in the Cibao in the area of ​​journalism for more than a decade, with national incidence.

Although many do not believe it, José Gutiérrez defines himself as a shy person, and despite constant exposure in the media, he always seeks to be reserved with his private life.

“I never intended to be famous, but to play a role. The idea is to inform with the truth. From the beginning everything has been a constant evolution”, explained Gutiérrez in an interview with journalists from Listín Diario.

out of the air

Like any human being, Gutiérrez tries to be as honest, consistent and objective as possible in his personal actions and what he projects on radio and television.

For this dedicated father there is no institution more important than the family. He has three daughters and a little boy on the way. None have followed in his footsteps in communication. However, one of them works directly with him, but from the administrative side.

“There is no money to replace the family, it is the core of society. As you grow older, you understand it, ”she says.

For Gutiérrez, life has not been easy and since he was very young he has faced many difficult situations. It is for this reason that he considers that the fact of being a believer and “being held by God” is what has helped him to overcome those moments always with a positive vision.

His work

Gutiérrez has managed to turn local news into national interest. He began to transcend from Teleuniverso channel 29. Then in 2008 he went to CDN, and there he managed to demonstrate that “in the Cibao there is also relevant news” that should be known.

“In recent years we have achieved a network of correspondents and collaborators throughout the country. We give the importance that each province needs, not just Santiago,” said the journalist.

He narrated that his commitment to the news begins at 5 in the morning when he gets up for his radio program “En la Mañana” (through Monumental FM). She continues in the news through CDN, later another of her radio programs, “En la Tarde”, her news portal “”, as well as managing and updating news on her social networks. All of these are part of his project “José Gutiérrez Producciones”.

Despite the fact that each career brings its eagerness and more with so many projects where he is in charge of choosing what comes out and what does not, Gutiérrez expresses that “journalism is a vocation” and that, although there are critics, it has never given him the desire to give up. the.

“We do not receive threats, nor do we charge for disseminating news. Our idea is always to inform”, she commented.

At the moment it does not contemplate any new program, but rather stay within what it already has. Its mission is to continue “evolving, adding, polishing, listening to criticism and innovating” in each of its proposals.


Its purpose is that each of its programs serves as a link between the communities and officials so that problems are resolved.
“It is of great satisfaction that a listener tells us a problem and in a short time it is already solved. The idea is to be the voice of those who do not have and not only disclose the information, but to follow up on each one of them”, said the veteran communicator.


Gutiérrez advises those who are passionate about journalism and communication to “persist and never stop preparing.” The important thing, he insists, is not to think only about the economics, which can eventually come in the long term, but to focus on building a base and becoming known for carrying out journalistic work with honesty and coherence. “Work with credibility, because we last up to 10 years forming it and in a single minute we lose it. If there is no credibility, years will pass and people are not stupid, they will stop listening, seeing or reading you.


José Alcedo Gutiérrez was born in the Metropolitan Gardens sector in Santiago de los Caballeros, on March 8, 1969 (he is 53 years old). From the 1990s, the communication profession took on a growing sense of social responsibility. He is the son of José Gutiérrez Hernández and professor Juana Altagracia Sánchez. Under the slogan “People of yours to say your own”, over the years he became a communicator of incidence due to his good pulse for information.