José Manuel Figueroa says that Ana Bárbara stole forbidden fruit and other songs from him | Famous

“There are different topics, which is different. There are three ”, explained the son of Joan Sebastian in an interview for the Hoy program on May 12.

Figueroa indicated that he cannot reveal details about the songs that Ana Bárbara allegedly took from him and was awarded as a composer, since it would harm the legal actions he is taking.

“Well, I can’t speak yet because we are collecting the evidence, there are things that can be verified, others not, but it is more than one issue,” he said.

José Manuel Figueroa sends unreleased songs to the women he loves

The interpreter of ‘Expelled from paradise’ was also honest in indicating that he usually shares unpublished songs with the women he loves or wants to conquer, which he now considers a serious mistake.

“I think the biggest stupid thing I’ve done in my career has been that I’ve been very much in love and sent unpublished songs to the women I’m in love with, the ones I want to conquer,” he pointed out in the interview.

As José Manuel Figueroa said, he does not record his songs “before sending them to a human being that I love or to a human being that is in my interest to want to fall in love”, as would have been the case with Ana Bárbara.

Ana Bárbara recorded ‘Forbidden Fruit’

“She was the smartest because she looked so good at recording it,” said the 46-year-old singer-songwriter.

Figueroa reported that he has tried to get in touch with the singer of ‘Bandido’ because he wants to be recognized as the composer of ‘Fruta Prohibida’ and the rest of the songs.

“I have been looking for it because I want to record the song, because I want to recover my work, I want to recover my credit and it is valid for me, I do not see any problem”, he commented.

To achieve his goal, José Manuel says he could count on the support of one of Ana Bárbara’s brothers, Pancho Ugalde, who will present his own evidence on the authorship of the songs.

Ana Bárbara is not worried about José Manuel Figueroa’s lawsuit

In addition to ensuring that the song “Fruta Prohibida” is entirely her own, Ana Bárbara revealed that she is not worried that José Manuel Figueroa will sue her.

“Let him do what he has to do, the truth is I have no pending with that,” the singer told Edén Dorantes on May 4.

Likewise, in an interview for El Gordo y La Flaca, Ana Bárbara indicated that Figueroa “dreamed or hallucinated” of having composed the song, a situation that she described as “difficult”.