Joseph Fonseca will celebrate Valentine’s Day “singing to love” | shows

The merenguero Joseph Fonseca along with other artists will sing “to love” on February 11 at the Ponce Hilton.

The artist will perform with the comedians Susa and Epifanio and with the orchestra A puro Fuego, who pay tribute to the merenguera Olga Tañón.

“We have prepared a very special concert to celebrate a day as important as Valentine’s Day. For this activity, Fonseca plans to integrate a space dedicated to love as part of his show, which he titled “Bohemian Night and Fantasy.” On the other hand, the querendones from Puerto Rico, Susa and Epifanio, arrive with their spark and witticisms to make the entire audience laugh and enjoy, and the A Puro Fuego orchestra will captivate the audience by performing all the hits of the queen of merengue Olga Tañón”, expressed Osvaldo Ruiz, president and executive producer of Ruiz Entertainment.

Fonseca noted for his hits Listen to me, Give me a reason, Give me a chance, The Crocodile, The Cheese, The Little Horse of Palo, The New Plant, Love Trap, The Beach, I will not cry, Fantasy Nights, Raise your hand, Yo For Your Love, The Toad, Seagull Lovers and This One’s Sister.

Tickets for the show will be available through Ticketera.

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