Josh Peck opens up about his feud with Drake Bell

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES.- One more time, Josh Peck and Drake Bell make it clear that the friendship and complicity that existed in his famous television program Nickelodeon It was nothing more than acting.

In recent days, Josh said that he has no relationship with his former television partner and that he did not invite him to his wedding because they did not get along.

Peck came clean, and unlike how he expressed himself Miranda Cosgrove –his sister in the series- whom he claimed to “love”, about Drake was more hermetic.

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When questioned about his relationship with Bell, his enthusiasm dropped significantly and he limited himself to saying “he is fine”, so they immediately asked him if they were friends and he replied: “No, not really”.

Furthermore, he said thator invited him to your wedding because they had not spoken to each other for more than 10 years and that he did not like how Drake handled the situation publicly since he considers that it was not “honest” because they were not as close as he let him see.

In 2017, the actors assured that they had made the passes and that there were no problems between them.

Drake’s Wife Anger

Josh Peck’s statements provoked the anger of Janetthe wife of Drake Bellwho attacked his beloved’s ex-partner in a video on Instagram.

This caused them to speak together with Drake on a podcast in which they assured that many of the things Josh said were not true.

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Drake claimed that he very calmly asked her to apologize to his wife. “He was like, ‘Hey, you don’t have to say sorry to me, but I really need you to apologize to Paige.’

Drake also showed his surprise at the fact that Josh said that they were not close after concluding ‘Drake & Josh’, since, according to him and his wife, they had multiple moments together where it seemed that there was a friendship.