Jossmery Toledo suffers a change in her voice and Magaly Medina compares her with Ducelia Echevarría: she wants to narrate soccer matches | show business | celebrity | SHOWS

Jossmery Toledo is once again the reason for Magaly Medina’s “humble comments” and this time not because of her expensive trips, but because of the change in her voice, which would be signs that she would be using anabolics as part of her bodybuilding training.

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“Her voice changed. She decided to enlarge her muscles, I don’t know if she will be participating in a contest (…) she has the voice of Ducelia Echevarría and not only that, she is also getting acne ”, said Magaly Medina between laughs.

He then continued with: “what is it that he wants, to narrate football matches (…) don’t look at the anabolic drugs he uses, or the rough muscles, but rather at the voice”.

During the report of the Magaly Medina program, it was heard how the model’s voice sounds thicker, since a substance known as Winstrol is being applied to increase its muscle mass.

What concerns the training plan is pharmacology, yes or yes you will have to take”, Jossmery Toledo’s trainer expressed through a phone call, confirming that the model consumes anabolics.

MAIL |  Jossmery suffers a change in her voice and Magaly compares her to Ducelia Echevarría

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