Journalist maintains that Inés Gómez Mont already had her first hearing

Mexico City.- In August of last year it was announced that a judge issued an arrest warrant against Ines Gomez Mont and her husband Victor Alvarez Puga for an alleged illicit enrichment by carrying out money laundering, embezzlement and crimes of operations with resources of illicit origin.

Since then, the driver and her husband left the country to an unknown destination, and although they continue in the midst of controversy, the whereabouts of the former driver of Ventaneando and her family are unknown.

Recently the entertainment journalist Jorge Carbajal revealed on her YouTube channel, called “En Shock”, that Inés already had her first hearing, in virtual mode, with the Mexican authorities, but that the details of the former television presenter’s statement are unknown.

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In recent months Gómez Mont and her husband have been in the midst of controversy. Photo: Special.

During the last live broadcast through YoutubeJorge Carbajal in the company of Felipe Cruz “El Filip” were commenting on the Vicente Fernández bioseries that he is producing John Osorio for Televisawhen he announced that:

Well, they’re telling me, the hearing for Inés Gómez Mont and her lawyers is over. It turns out that look, as I told you, the audience was completely virtual, so that the lady remains completely hidden. What I wonder, with the IP of her computer they can not catch it? Of course it does, but you know, tricksters, “she revealed.

The reporter and broadcaster explained that unlike other cases for which a public hearing is handled, the hearing of Inés Gomez Mont It was private at the request of her and her lawyers, in order to protect personal and sensitive information.

Journalist Jorge Carbajal assured that the first hearing was held privately. Photo: Special.

I don’t know what they were going to say, or what they were going to present, that they didn’t want anyone to find out, what personal information and that’s why they asked for it in private and authorized it. It was not a public hearing, in any case, we are going to check to try to find out what was said there, which now will have to be in writing, in documents”, he assured.

So far, only this is known about the alleged first hearing of Inés Gomez Mont and her husband. Let us remember that the last time the driver used her social networks was on October 14, 2021, when she shared a statement in which she said she was innocent and that what they were doing to them was an injustice.

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