Joy Hallyday: on vacation, she shares tender moments with her mother Laeticia’s little sister

Tuesday, December 27, 2022, Joy Hallyday shared photos of her ski vacation in Méribel. On the pictures, the youngest of Johnny Hallyday is in the company of the little sister of his mother.

Monday December 19, Laeticia Hallyday and her daughters Jade (18) and Joy (14) went to the exhibition devoted to Johnny Hallyday in Brussels. An unprecedented event organized five years after the death of Taulier. After this stay in Belgium, the whole family headed for Meribelin Rhône-Alpes, in order to take advantage of mountain vacation.

In addition to being able to spend time with their mother this holiday season, the two young girls have found their family. If Laura Smet and David Hallyday were obviously not in the game, the Boudo family was on point. Grandma Rock, the great-grandmother of Jade and Joy, aged 87, was present, as was Adine Lanneluc-Sanson, the mother-in-law of Laeticia and her daughter Alcéa Boudou.

Joy Hallyday particularly close to Alcéa Boudou

After arriving at the chalet, Joy Hallyday hastened to share photos with Alcéa Boudou. “Welcome to skiing” she wrote in the caption of several shots where she does not hesitate to strike a pose with his aunt. Indeed, Alcéa Boudou is the result of the union between her mother’s father, André Boudou and Adine Lanneluc-Sanson. A relationship that was born years after the birth of Laeticia, which meant that the two young girls did not have only one year difference.

Today 15 years old, Alcéa Boudou grew up between Miami, Saint-Martin and Agde. His mother owns three real estate companies located in Béziers, Agde and the Balearic Islands, which allows him to travel regularly. Very close to the youngest of Johnny Hallyday, she appears in several photos by his side on his Instagram account. After the publication of Joy Hallyday, the teenager did not hesitate to share the photo on her own account. A beautiful relationship for the two young girls who seem to spend a lot of time together.