Joy Huerta tells how she began her relationship with Diana Atri

The singer Joy Huerta, from the duet Jesse and Joy, revealed how she began her relationship with Diana Atri, with whom she has spent the last 11 years.

During an interview with Yordi Rosado, the Mexican singer recalled that she never had a relationship that she considered serious until she met Diana.

“It was such an intense connection,” Joy said, commenting that they met because they had mutual friends. After this, the artist details that they became very close friends.

Until that moment, Joy had not realized her feelings for Diana, according to what she says, but it was a homophobic joke by a person they met on one occasion that made her emotions clear towards her.

“Her joke wasn’t funny, but what I’m feeling is that. I’m falling in love with this woman,” Joy recounted of that moment.

Huerta explained that she never had a taboo about sexual orientation, although she had never felt attraction to another woman until that moment. “I always thought that people fall in love with people, but I never saw myself in such a circumstance,” the singer recalls.

The singer commented that she used this comment to try to find out if her feelings were reciprocated, but it did not work. However, she later started calling each other “my love” due to another situation with her friends.

This way of referring to each other was the spark that ignited their relationship, since it was the perfect pretext for Joy to confess her interest in Diana.

Huerta narrates that while having dinner with Atri after one of his presentations, he plucked up the courage to declare himself. “For me, telling you my love is no longer a joke, I’m falling in love,” were the singer’s words.

Joy remembers that Diana’s response was that she felt the same, but for family reasons they had to wait until the next day to continue with the subject.

“The next day we saw each other and we kissed and 11 years later here we are,” said Huerta, who after several months of living together asked Atri to be his girlfriend.

But the story was not all honey on flakes, since the family of the brothers Jesse and Joy is very religious and ended up influencing the relationship, which had a pause of about six months.

During this time you both worked on them and when they met again everything worked better, Joy commented.

Joy and Diana are now mothers to a girl and a boy, Noah and Nour, after planning very carefully when they would take this important step in their lives.


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