“Juan brightened up my life”: Laury Thilleman and her husband, it’s over! The ex-Miss announces their breakup

This Tuesday, May 17, Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez announced their separation. Miss France 2011 and the chef shared a touching text, full of tenderness.

I will keep in mind only bright memories“. This is what Juan Arbelaez in a publication on his Instagram account this Tuesday, May 17. After seven years of love, the chef and Laury Thilleman have decided to end their romance. Their “absolutely magical seven-year story, filled with happiness“, as described by the former candidate of Top chef. “In order to cut short all the rumours, I wanted to share with you that after seven years of intense happiness and living together at a thousand miles an hour, Juan and I decide together to continue our routes separately“, writes Miss France 2011. The former lovers nevertheless seem part on good terms – or in any case with enough tenderness and intelligence not to tear each other apart. “The tenderness, benevolence, gratitude and mutual respect that we share remains and will remain intact (sic), which is why we kindly ask you to respect our silence after this announcement.“, asks the lovely 30-year-old woman to her subscribers.

And to launch, not without a little pang in the heart: “Juan brightened up my life with a thousand colors and will always have a place in my heart.. Thank you for this journey. Thank you for the joy, love, laughter and every learning“. If this news is surprising, the most attentive of the couple could note that the two lovebirds haven’t appeared together in a while. On Laury Thilleman’s Instagram account, the last image with her husband dates from her birthday, last January. It was a 34 second video to celebrate her man’s 34th birthday. “Happy birthday to best of the companions of my best years“, wrote soberly and with stars in the eyes Laury Thilleman. The two lovers had – in appearance – everything to be happy.

This project that Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez had

It is in 2015, on a television set, that they met. Love at first sight was immediate. So much so that they had become inseparable – even going so far as to reconcile love and work, since they are owners of a restaurant together. A love so powerful that they decided to pass the ring on your finger in December 2019. A winter wedding celebrated in Brittany, on the native lands of our dear Miss France, who was enhanced by a short volume corolla dress in silk organza by the designer Delphine Manivet. If they didn’t have not yet made their honeymoon, these traveling surfers had criss-crossed France shortly after confinement in their converted van. And then, “you know honeymoons, it’s every day with Juan“, launched Laury Thilleman, dreamy, near TV 7 Days. Above all, they aimed to to unite a second time, but this time in Colombia, Mr. Their plans eventually evolved. It is no longer before the mayor but before the judge that they will meet to sign the divorce papers.


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