Juan Diego Alvira appeared flying a kite in a park in Bogotá

In the framework of summer festival from Bogota, Snail News presented an initiative recyclable kites that are being used in Simón Bolívar Park these days.

Taking advantage of the fact that hundreds of people go to that park in August, the newscast presented a report in which the journalist was interviewed which is usually on the other side of the microphone.

Alvira, who recently recounted one of her omens before giving the morning news, he was in the park with his daughter and just as he was flying a kite with her, he was asked by one of his colleagues.

The presenter replied cheerfully and invited all the people who are in Bogotá for them to fly a kite in that plan so typical of August.

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“A sensational experience, here as a family. Dad and daughter enjoying the Summer Festival and Bogotá’s birthday. In addition, educating in a very entertaining way that we learn to recycle, “said Alvira in that newscast.

Subsequently, the journalist said goodbye and continued with the activities that he was advancing in the company of his daughter.

Alvira shared this video on Instagram:

On August 2, Alvira and his wife Ana María Escobar were partying. She published a very loving message on her social networks with which she remembered that they were celebrating an anniversary. The social networks of Escobar —who is also a journalist— They are private, although they have almost 60,000 followers.

The woman said that they have been together for 14 years and continued praising the journalist born in Ibagué and of peasant origin, with this message: “Thank you for these 14 years. For giving me the happiness of having a beautiful family. For being my life partner. For dreaming for the same side and adding color to our horizon. For our daughter, our moms, our puppies, our laughter, our silly jokes, our differences, our time lived. I love you and you will forever be the love of my life, husband.