Juan Diego Vanegas: this was the marriage of the chef of ‘Day by Day’

On Saturday, March 19, the chef, Juan Diego Vanegas married the athlete Sofía Gómez on the outskirts of Bogotá and the marriage was attended by several celebrities such as Carolina Cruz, Carolina Soto, Carlos Calero and Iván Lalinde, among others.

For this reason, through the social networks of the people who attended the event, some moments of the marriage were observed, such as when they kiss, after being husband and wife or also the moment in which Adriana Lucía is singing for the couple.

The couple’s love story was told by the chef during the talk show Laura Acuna’s roomthere, indicated that he was the one who first tried something with the Risaraldense, however, she broke his heart after a “rude” that he would have done to her.

Vanegas, who was the ex-boyfriend of Mabel Moreno and Tuti Vargas, noticed the Colombian athlete about four years ago.

Later, according to Vanegas, Sofia looked for him and they became a couple. After a long relationship, they moved in together and, in complicity with the freediver’s family, Juan Diego proposed to Gómez.

It should be noted that the couple has revealed their relationship through social networks. In fact, on January 29, Sofía made a publication in which she reads: “Blue”, referring to the dress she wore and the chef’s company that can be seen in the image.

Juan Diego replied to this publication with a series of heart emoticons. Other outstanding comments were that of Mariana Pajón, who wrote: “La Pareja”; and that of Claudia Bahamon, who put an “awwww”.

It should be noted that Sofía Gómez is a civil engineer by profession, she was born in Pereira on April 15, that is, she is 29 years old, and is an outstanding freediver at an international level, having obtained several Pan-American, South American and world records.

In 2019, he left the competitions because his health was not going through the best moments because he was suffering from barotrauma, which is an injury to the body caused by air or water pressure. The most frequent is the ear, which is caused by a change in altitude that causes pain. It happens when a person travels by plane, by car, or by scuba diving.

In the moving message that she shared on her social networks that year, the athlete explained that for her peace of mind and the future of her career, it is better to think long-term than short-term.

”In a sport like ours, where we push our bodies to the limit, there can be times when we make bad decisions. We have made it so normal, and it makes us so sad to talk about it, that we prefer to hide them instead of dealing with them, giving our body time to heal and understand that it is not worth getting hurt by a dive, that, at the end of the day It doesn’t make us better people,” he says.

However, months later the coronavirus pandemic arrived and with greater reason she was away from the competitions, but after the restrictions he participated in the AIDA (International Association for the Development of Freediving) world championship and took fourth place for reaching 81 meters with bifins.

“I am very happy with my diving, I missed the bronze medal by one meter, but very happy to do 81 meters, it is the deepest I have been in two years. This was a training session and I still have three more weeks of work left, I will focus on bifins from now until the competition”, said Sofía after the victory.