Juan José Hernández bets on 2030 | shows

Juan José Hernández and his group San Juan Habana, return with a new proposal of love song, rather within the singer-songwriter’s tessitura, a base of Cuban son and alternative salsa. The surprise is that in the single he delves into a visionary theme, which he has titled En el 2030, which is now available on all digital platforms.

“During the pandemic I dedicated myself a lot to reading with musical and personal maturity. I studied physics, advances in technology, which I poured on the new song. This tells what the virtual future is going to be like, with a bit of humor and what life will be like. I wrote it in 2014 and it is the most moving song on the album. You have to pay attention to everything he says, ”she warned.

His goal is the production of Flowers and songs, with poetic lyrics with a lot of lyricism, which will be on the market in August, with his songs that he has reserved for nearly a decade.

“The theme of love and heartbreak is always present, but for this composer that is the challenge. I am lucky that I had a study and I needed to complete it. I bought it in those first years of great uncertainty and I said to myself ‘we are going to change’. I wrote remotely with artists, to pre-produce some albums and to help my children who are artists: Juan José, Diego Alejandro and Adriana. They kept the studio,” reflected the Cuban performer and composer.

His new album contains 11 songs of his own, which he recorded with Puerto Ricans Ismael Miranda, Luisito Carrión, Gisselle, Oscarito, NG2 and Luis “Perico” Ortiz. In addition, he did a number with the Dominican José Alberto “El Canario”. The most recent ones have been made with Víctor Manuelle and Gilberto Santa Rosa. She highlighted the song Ellas y los, with Ana Isabelle, for being the first salsa recorded by the singer. According to her account, the vocalist had no problems doing it and was very satisfied with her style.

“I have never been in a hurry to let the world know the group. From day one I knew that this was going to be difficult, because we don’t sound the same as other groups”, acknowledged the artist.

He added that “this is not an album with the established parameters and canons of salsa. I recorded the second part of Countdown (which he wrote and made popular by Santa Rosa), which is called Countdown Progressive. This song is a ‘comeback’ to that love that then has a progressive count, with the intention of returning. The new album has five to six songs with the bases of son and salsa, but nothing traditional. It is an album with a lot of lyrics, poetry, songs that keep a beautiful experience for me, ”he added.

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