Juan José Origel announces his retirement from television after a 40-year career

Mexico City.- John Joseph Origin He surprised everyone after announcing his retirement, and it is that 40 years of career support the journalist born in León, who started in print media to later position himself on television.

Pepillo, as he is known, is one of the most beloved entertainment journalists in Mexican entertainment, and he recently said goodbye to Televisa because “it is time” and also to leave Mexico for a season.

It was Pati Chapoy who took him to television in his program Ventaneando, with which they took over the show scene of that time, his successes were so great that Televisa hired him to compete with him with a similar format, so proposals such as La Oreja, La Botana or Intruders, and recently With permission, which leads with the journalist Martha Figueroa.

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In 2020, he joined the morning newspaper Hoy to comment on the notes of shows together with the headlines of the broadcast. But he surprised his millions of followers by confirming that he is going to retire, because he considers that it is time to say goodbye to television and lead a calmer life with his pets, his friends and his trips.

After saying goodbye to everyone, he plans to go live in Madrid for a while. Photo: Special.

“That’s right, I have already decided that 2022 is my last year in the media and it will not be a half-retirement, but a total one. In a few months it will be the final goodbye and I don’t want to hear anything again, even if they make me a good job offer I wouldn’t change my mind, it’s time to say: Until here!” Origel assured.

After a long 40-year career, Pepillo considers that this year is a good time, since he would not like the public to see him grow old, in addition to the fact that he does not plan to make any more “fixes”.

What drew attention among his followers and users of social networks is that the driver confessed that he no longer felt comfortable with the environment that exists in the middle of the show and the only thing that hurts him is leaving Martha Figueroa alone with the unicable program: With Permission.

I think it’s time to go because I feel like I look good right now and I don’t want to look old on TV. No, I’m only sorry to leave With permission for my friend Martha Figueroa, but the environment is not like before, now there is a lot of hypocrisy in the environment and I got fed up with it; now there is no friendship, there is no love, people have changed a lot, “she said.

In the same way, he stressed that after making his retirement formal, he plans to go live outside of Mexico for a while, and thinks of cities like Madrid where he can spend a season, and then return to his hometown: Lion, Guanajuato.

Pepillo announces that he is retiring from the media after 4 decades of work. Photo: Special.

“I’m going to live in Madrid for a while to enjoy that city that I love and then I’m going to live in León. I have not lived there for more than 30 years and my whole family is there, it is time to return to my people and I want to enjoy them because they are the ones who really love me, “he revealed.

And when asked expressly what he thinks of his work in the media over four decades, Origel mentioned that he leaves satisfied and already feels that he can say: “Mission accomplished”, which makes him very happy.

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