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Who is the alleged unrecognized son of ‘El Puma’?

Is about Juan José Rodríguez, known as ‘El Puma Jr.’originally from Caracas, Venezuela, who is also dedicated to entertainment as singer and productr.

The fans of the 79-year-old artist were impressed with the physical resemblance and the voice of their supposed son, because they immediately remembered the interpreter of “Hold hands”. There is talk of the existence of what would be his only son for more than 25 years.

The alleged son has given interviews to various media and has been questioned about whether or not he is the legitimate son of the singer. “ Legally I have the surname, I am recognized by an uncle, Oswaldo Rodríguez, his brother”, said Juan José in an interview for the Dominican program ‘SOS Hoy’ with Deyanira Martínez in 2019.

José Luis Rodríguez ‘El Puma’ has also spoken about it, in an interview for El Tiempo de Colombia in 1995 he stated: ” That boy is the son of a brother (Oswaldo) which is in Venezuela. My brother Oswaldo is very lovesick and he told me that he had recognized that boy. If he belongs to the family it gives me joy. If my brother recognized him, that means he bears the surname. If he sings and wants to make his life like that, he’s welcome.”

How is Juan José Rodriguez ‘El Puma’ Jr.’s relationship with his family?

The alleged son of the actor also pointed out three years ago that he was raised by the mother of “El Puma”, who nicknamed him “Pumita” as a child. Likewise, he stated that he had a close relationship with the singer’s first wife, Lila Morillo, and with his daughters Liliana and Lilibeth.

“We had a very nice relationship while he was married to Lila. My grandmother consolidated the family union. And the Morillos and the Rodríguez would get together and share, ”she recalled.

Juan José Rodríguez added that he has been a singer for more than 35 years and, in addition to dedicating himself to music, he is an entrepreneur, since he has a wine brand named El Puma Jr. Wines.

The ‘Puma Jr.’ He is currently on tour in Tribute to Los Panchos, to whom he dedicated his latest record material and which will be available next May. On Instagram, where he frequently promotes his musical performances, he has more than 7 thousand followers.

On digital platforms, he receives comments comparing him to José Luis Rodríguez. “ Of course he is the son of José Luis Rodríguez, that he does not want to recognize him is something else, he is identical to him, just as he does not want to know about his daughters Liliana and Lilibeth, it only remains on his conscience. God bless you Puma Junior”, reads one of the singer’s publications.