Juan Osorio announces wedding for 2023 – The Sun Post

One of the greatest strengths in Juan Osorio’s life is love. Not only the love of a couple, but also the love that his children have for him, his other family, even the affection of the public towards the projects that he carries out.

Recently, the producer made two projects in parallel, El Último Rey: El Hijo del Pueblo, an unauthorized bioseries by Vicente Fernández, based on the book by the writer Olga Wornat, and La Herencia, Un Legado de Amor, in co-production with Roy Rojas.

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The first ended a few weeks ago, while the second will end on July 15, at 8:30 p.m., on Las Estrellas.

“I think that La Herencia makes a watershed in my life, in my professional career because it came to present itself exactly when I had other projects at the same time, this project represents a lot because of the distribution that was achieved, because of the subject we touched on, for managing everything the country

“Something that filled me with pride is that we touched on an important element that was the avocado fruit, which, internationally, in the United States, for example, is a highly coveted fruit, it is green gold,” Osorio said in an interview.

For 20 years, Niurka’s ex has worked hand in hand with Roy Rojas, who has assumed the role of associate producer in different projects, however, in the one starring Michelle Renaud, Rojas became the captain of the ship , in greater proportion.

“I think that is the most beautiful thing when you have that possibility of trusting and giving people support. I remember that one day I asked for an opportunity and it cost me a lot of work to get it, there were no associated producers and that you are formed through that and, even so, we entered the producer leagues and today I am very happy to see so many people succeeding ” Osorio said.

Although it had been announced that Osorio had plans to advance his retirement, life gave him another path; The 65-year-old executive is about to start production on a new product for Televisa, of which he did not want to reveal details.

And by 2023, at the end of the melodrama, which is scheduled for 9:30 p.m., Osorio will resume his plans to marry his current partner Eva Daniela, 37 years younger.

“I hope to have the opportunity and to plan very well the delivery of the ring so that it is attractive, beautiful, that she enjoys it because she is a young girl, she has her illusions and dreams that I hope I can crystallize for her.

“She is from León Guanajuato, it can be a very nice thing to use everything from the alley of the kiss, I am planning it, but it will be a secret with the complicity of the family,” he assured.