Juan Osorio, from Single With Daughters, had a cyst found in his testicle and thought of the worst | Famous

At that time, no further details were given as to why he went to the hospital, but it is now, almost a month and a half later, that the famous creative details what happened.

Juan Osorio is diagnosed with a “very dangerous cyst”

In an interview for ‘Sunday formula with Flor Rubio’ presented this Sunday, May 15, Juan Osorio shared that in his most recent hospitalization he underwent surgery.

“It was a very dangerous cyst“, he said, “it was in a testicle and it had to be removed and see, that God wanted, that it was not evil”.

“I had a hard time” acknowledged the 64-year-old producer, ” a thousand things go through your headbut thanks to God and to the letter that the laboratory gave me saying that it was not malignant, well, you stay calm”.

The moments of uncertainty that he went through and in which he saw his life in danger made him “reflect”: “Now think about a retirementThat moment gets closer every day.

Juan Osorio sees his retirement close after health problems

“I’m Missing (Three Years)”said about the goal that was set long ago regarding the 5 more years that he set himself as a producer.

For now, he has decided to take a break as he not only faced difficulties in his health. At the same time, during these months she was in charge of two major projects: the series The Last King, The Son of the People and the telenovela ‘La inheritance’.

I’m very tiredI confess, very worn out,” he admitted, “I want to sleep a lot, I want not to take off my (sic) pajamas for three days.”