Juan Pablo Medina enjoyed his first golf lesson with his leg prosthesis | Famous

In August 2021, various media outlets reported that the actor from ‘La casa de las flores’ was in poor health. Although there was information that he had to have an emergency limb amputated, many of the details of the condition that led to this situation were unknown.

The actor, for his part, opted for discretion and silence in the first instance: in the months following his loss, he did not give interviews or be seen in public.

However, this changed at the end of March 2022, when he attended Marimar Vega’s wedding and allowed himself to be photographed with his prosthesis and, a few days later, he gave his first interview on the subject.

Now, it was he himself who showed one of the activities he carries out after his amputation.

What happened to Juan Pablo Medina in his right leg?

Exclusively with ‘GQ’ magazine, the star of ‘Soy tu fan’ reported that he was in the recordings of the series ‘Primetime’ when he felt a discomfort in his stomach. Initially, she was treated by the filming staff, but after his pain intensified, she went to the hospital.

The first diagnosis was poisoning, but as days went by and various tests were taken, they realized that he had suffered a silent heart attack that caused blood clots in his stomach and legs.

Although the medical staff removed most of the clots, Juan Pablo Medina had other complications that made amputating his leg the only solution to save his life.

Juan Pablo Medina showed how he plays golf with his prosthesis

In the aforementioned conversation, the actor assured that the amputation of his leg “changed his chip” and now he sees life with different eyes.

Proof of this is that he recently decided to try a new sport. This is how he showed it on April 19, when he published a clip in his Instagram stories in which he practices his golf shots.

In the short video, he is seen very smiling for having hit the ball correctly and, with a short text, he explained that this was his first class in the sport.

In his conversation with ‘GQ’, Juan Pablo Medina also explained that he had already had the opportunity to play tennis with his prosthesis.

Thus, little by little, the interpreter of ‘Se buca papa’ shows how he recovers those pleasures of his life before the amputation of his leg.